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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 10 - March 29, 2008

Day 10

Had to meet with 2 independent Contractors (ICs). These are people who help us to find apartments, get car, get Alien Regestration card and just help you out around for a little while and hopefully after that you will get adjusted. If not then you are on your own. The first IC brought me from the hotel in Okayama city to the town where I would be staying known as Niimi. She drove an Hyrid vehicle which you can use to make telephone calls from the dash board screen. I have never seen anything like this before. Mi feel like one likkle country man weh gone a town.

This IC dropped me to another hotel, which is now in Niimi (third hotel in 3 days) then I waited for another IC to come and pick me up. This man talk English but not too well at all, so some times I dont have a clue what him saying...all mi duh is nod and seh yes is true. He brought me to a real estate place to look about my apartment. This real estate place looked like a little toy store, because it had all kinda toys and fluffy animals sticked up on the wall..I am so sorry I never took a picture of it. I am sure I will eventually though.

The choices of apartments were as follows:

1) which cost 30,000 yen (US 300) per month that wasnt furnished

2) which cost 45,000 yen (do the math) per month that was partially furnished with Washing machine, microwave, TV, AC, stove :), table and 2 little chairs.

Of course I took the 45,000 one, cause mi naah buy nutten more. Did I mention that Japan is extremely expensive??? A soda in Jamaica probably cost $JA 50, in Japan it cost like 150 yen which is bout $Us 1.50 which is about $JA 106. AND it is half the size of the one in Jamaica literally. so just imagine the cost of anything in jamaica, double the price but half the size of the content...How mi ago manage? Mi nuh know.
Any way I viewed 2 apartments that cost 45,000 yen. One with an internet port, the other without. You already know which one I chose. The initial cost of moving into an apartment in Japan is crazy. You have to pay the following:

1st month rent = 45,000 yen
Parking space = 3000 yen
Down payment = 135,000 yen
Agent fee = 50, 400 yen
Insurance = 7,000 yen
Whopping total = 240,400 yen

Luckily I asked for a loan from my company... Ohh by the way, If I was to live in Tokyo, Yokohoma, Osaka or one of the major city places....The final payment would be about double that for a smaller place. And Parking alone would be about 40,000 yen I was told.
I am to be in this hotel about 2 more days I was told. The IC said I should just wait for someone to call me. By the way work start on Friday April 4, 2008, and

1) I dont know how many schools I wil be teaching at.
2) I dont know where the schools are that I will be teaching at.
3) I dont have my car yet to drive to the schools.
4) I dont have my alien registraion yet (suh police can still stop mi if mi nuh hav mi passport pon mi)

Luckily I met this former Assistant Language Teacher (who has got a contract with the Japanese Government now) that said the first couple a months are crazy but it will eventually sort itself out afterward. He said that He really enjoyed the job and It was "Stress free" 29.5 working hours per week with the balance being preparation, clubs and eating lunch which would add up to 40 hours.

I had lunch with the other IC and again it dawned on me "I am the only black man in town". This town has approximately 20,000 people but Iwas told that it is very big. So already I am a super star!!! I was also told that people kinda already knew I was coming so everybody know who I am...even if them looking at me weird. While having lunch at the mall I saw some kids looking at me in total shock and disbelief. I also saw another set standing and steering at me with their mouths wide open. then they came toward me and chukkled, went away then came back again. But guess what? It feels like FUN!!! Cause I don't business wedda dem waah look pon mi or not. Mi jus look back pon dem and nod my head and move on. However I know absolutely no one in the area and the IC gone bout him business after him drop mi back at the hotel and seh mi mus wait until someone call mi.


Roya said...

You'll be alright man... it will work out... so how comes i dont see u say anything about a bed? Wat's ur plan?? to bounce it on the carpet?? lol

Dave said...

I will take a picture of what i will sleep on. I cant really describe it...all i need to buy is a very small matrass looking thingy.