A true to life drama of a Jamaican male, living and working in Japan since March 2008.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 12 - March 31, 2008

Day 12

Ok so my IC (Independent contractor - that shows us around) came for me at the hotel and let me signed up for my Gygin card (Alien registration card - that all foreigners need to anything) at the city office. I had to take a photo for it.

I remembered back at the hotel in Narita where I had to be dodging police because I forget my passport in the hotel room :)

He also brought me to open a posal account, in Japan there is bank account and there is postal account that you can get money through. He also made me post my letter to get my cell phone from soft bank. I also went to look at the car I was supposed to be getting (very tiny) but the tinyer it is...the cheaper it is to maintain in Japan.

Another Assistant Language teacher (ALT) in the area called me and said we could hook up with some more language teachers in the evening. so we hooked up and I met about 8 other language teachers, 2 of which were females. They were all cool people and the guys are game heads like myself :) Luckily again, one of them live on the same apartment complex as I do (bwoy mi a tell yuh God good). so we all chatted and ate and had fun. The guy who is on the same apartment complex as I am said he doesnt know the schools he will be at either and he also starts working on Friday so I am not feeling so bad again :) I also remembered from our training that I should not wear COLOGNE to school or anything too strong or you can get complained about... the guy that was leading that session said in 4 years...he got 4 complaints about strong colgne and 1 about bad smelling ?????? WHAT!!!!!! The guys also told me that they used Jamaica as an example about BAD timing (do you see that we have a reputation around the world) They have it in books that when Japan say 8:00 they mean 7:45 but in Jamaica 8:00 means 9:00 and thereafter. They said the same thing for Jamaica and Latin America.

After the eating some Japanese people called over one of the ALTs and we were chatting...And being the only black man in town they asked where I am from...When he heard Jamaica he said "aaaaaaah Jamaica....movie movie .....cool Runnings" "Cool runnings good movie".

Any way Im moving into my apartment today without internet so i dont know when i will be able to update this for now. Ohh and the person is possibl on their way now while im still writing this blog and I dont even have a bath yet but anyway no need to rush as they wont care and wont smell any colgne :) just kidding mi gone go baid now....


michigan said...

ur car is happening dave!! seems like ur out on a real adventure... who knows. u might bring home a wife..lol..

Derri said...

Boy Dave, God always come tru. Look how we were waiting on a pic of yuh three wheel car an yuh get 4! LOL

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....how u a chat so much rubbish in you blog so. Explain how u dodged police WHILE being the only black man in town???


And Dave, What you say you ate on Day 12...???...Japanese people?

You and Beenie Man need some English classes.

Bjorn J. said...

Hail yoot congrats on d move. I jus trust that u be safe and return in one piece. I trust God for your ministry where u are. Doin big things yoot. Proud of u. Do the best u can and mek all a we proud.

Man u get a car to roll round in too? wow. Sweet Action!!! peace

Dave said...

Ok Richard...A comma (,) should have been after `eating` and should read...`after eating, some Japenese people....` . And in the place where I was dodging the police back in Narita...I wasnt the only black guy around...but where I am now...I cant even think about dodging lol...

stacey said...

hey! it's me again. bwoy, yuh definitely have a career in story telling and journalism ... am popping up reading of all ur exploits ... can't wait for next episode ... oh rev edwards says hi and all the best. talk to u soon. blessings!

davay colly said...

Hi stacy...tell of them atUTC that I send greetings and thatthey can check the blog as well :) blessings and peace..

Hey Michelle Wah kina wife yuh a talk bout??? yuh maddd lol