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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 5 - March 24, 2008

Day 5

Didn't really have any training today but a cell phone company came to do a presentation and a couple of the Assistant Language Teachers signed up including myself. The name off the Company is softbank which used to be Vodafone.
Before we can get a cell phone we have to get an alien registration card (gaijin card). As a mater of fact all forigners who come to Japan and wish to stay for more than 90 days need to get one.

All of us Language teachers also did our medical check ups to see if we are all ok. Some one told me that every one who visits Japan gets sick around January/February every year because that is the time when it gets crazy cold. I am so not looking forward to this. We also heard that if you are in a train and a female cries out "Chikan" and points at a man...He can be in biiig trouble. Its almost like rape she is saying. Japan is a very humble and conservative society even though "some of them" act very weird to foreigner whether you are black or white they dont care...as long as you are not Japanese some of them act strange to us.

Went to the train station in Narita with a couple of the Jamaicans and some other persons from the USA, England and Ireland.


Dave said...

ok di reason why I talk like this is because when we speak like normal Jamaicans the other foreigners cant understand a word suh Twang it out lol.

Rengelly said...

DWL next time get som cue cards with wat u wanna say b4 u film & try "twanging" simultaneously so u dont hav 2 say that many "ahmms" lol. Boy u can tell wen a man nuh used 2 talkin a certain way :) Hey dont tell me wen u return 2 JA yu gonna b "twanging"!!! :D

Derri said...

“Mon”?! I cant believe yuh proliferating the American view of the Jamaican accent man! Anyways mi understand how it is when you have to talk in an accent that ppl can understand.

By the way is eddiat yuh fren tek yuh fa? Bout if yuh a talk to yuhself . LOL
Mi nuh blame her doe mi woulda probably ask the same thing the way yuh did sound :-D

Nuh watch nuh face yah, gwan do yuh ting

smartstephen said...

loving the blog, kepe it up

davay colly said...

Renee why yuh nuh gweh??

Rengelly said...

Har har har :D Afta a nuh mi a twang & ppl asking if i talkin 2 maself & wat not! :P