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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 14 - April 2, 2008

Day 14

Unfortunately again I cant upload any pictures because I brought my camera with me but no cable to attach to the camera to upload photos :(

Well today was some what of an un eventful day... I woke up at 10 am and watch some BBC thing on my laptop about camera and camera lenses which was boring me. So I went back to bed and woke up at about 3:30 pm. I decided to go on a little walking adventure so I went to a deo deo store nearby my apartment to sign up for internet access with yahoo bb (broad band). when I got there I was walking with my Japanese scribblings and all acting like I can talk Japanese...
I went in there and said `interneto Ikura deska` - which means howmuch is it for the internet...Now the people were all excited and started talking all kinda Japanese stuff... then I got lost... So I just had this big blank smile on my face and wondering what the heck to say now.

After about 20 minutes of them trying to understand me and me trying to understand them... they gave me the application form with pure Japanese that I not in the least understood. So I went down the road where I heard there was free internet and i ended up at the city office. No one understood what I was saying so they got a guy from the office who could speak English pretty well and he made me full out another form that I had to full out before I can get internet at home ( i had no clue i had to do this). the process he said might take in total about a month... I will get 2 months free of internet though... I was supposed to fill out this form b4 I can fill out the other one that i got at deo deo (a good ting mi did come yah suh) ....well any way the man showed me where I could access the free internet (which is where I am now). He signed me up and now I have my membership card and my name printed on it in hiragana.... Oh if you didnt know Japanese has 4 different sets alphabeths:
1) hiragana - old Japanes
2) Kanji - chenese symbols
3) Katacana - modern Japanese used for modern words like internet etc
4) Romanji - Romanization of japanese
Yes these are not easy to learn at all...

so when I got home after a 15 minutes walk..the ALT who brought me around told me _I had meetings with my 5 schools tomorrow...you will hear more about that On day 15...likkle more...dem a lock up di place yah now....

1 comment:

Derri said...

God's leading you each day. Is Him lead yuh to the city office.