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Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 29 - April 17, 2008

Day 29

Head out early in the morning for this school that I thought I knew very well where it was because of the easy landmarks woooyyyy...the land marks were 3 big car signs together: SUZUKI, SUBARU and TOYOTA....So I was at a spot and I remember driving and saw 2 car signs: SUZUKI and SUBURU...but because I didnt see TOYOTA, I continued driving....while driving, I noticed a sign saying something like.... HIROSHIMA AIRPORT 50 km. This was when I realised that, "hey I probably passed my turn"...because Hiroshima is the adjoining prefecture wayyy south of where I live...So I stopped at a gas station, got some gas (because tomorrow is another far school) and asked one of the attendants where the school was... Luckily, this man decided to drive in front of me to the school...(second time this happening to me in Japan...If yuh get lost inna Jamaica, mi sorry fi yuh). It so happend that this man who decided to drive in front of me to the school, actually had a daughter who attended the school who I eventually taught that day...what a co-incidence, mi a tell yuh seh God good.

I think one of the reasons I missed my turn this time (apart from me being directionally challenged of course) was because, while I was driving, this truck man was tailing me for a long time...and each time I tried to lose him...he would drive up faster behind me...Now I really dont like the idea of this massive truck speeding behind my tiny car at all. One of the time, I saw like he was going to over take and a car coming the opposite direction sped around the corner...mi seh to mi self "Lord have mercy"...Any way him eventually turn off and I felt more comfortable...

The classes were ok today except that this was actually my first tiring day...I had three classes back to back then a 4th one shortly after (grades 3, 4, 5 and 6), in which I had to jump up and dung like mi nuh hav nuh sense. I was wondering if the other schools told them that I had nothing to do after a certain time so they decided to pack up my schedule??... I also had to attempt to show the classes some Jamaican dances (and any body know me...know me is not nuh dancing person) ...and they were all attempting to do the dance/a variant thereof.
The grade 4 or 5 class had a kid named Maika in there...so evertime I said JAMAICA they would crack up.

After lunch, some kids came and dragged me out of the staff room asking me to come run up and dung wid dem????? (by the way this is an unwritten part of our contract...to run up and dung wid di kids)...I was told today that a Jamaican`s contract was not renewed because he/she said him not ramping wid nuh pikney...Did I mention that the kids assist with the preparation of the school lunch??? Any way after playing stucky (run and hit and you are it) or what ever game they had me running around in, I went into the staff room tired...about 3 minutes after dat, nuh di same pikney dem dat come a di staff room door again, I quickly summoned a teacher to tell dem dat mi tired. The teachers in the staff room where crying with laughter.

Another new thing I found out in Japan was that you have to register your bicycle???and police can pull yuh over and yuh get in problems if yuh riding without your registration...You also have bicycle insurance. I also found out that some of these people in the town do know some stuff about Jamaica...They know these people/products in the following order:

(1) Bob Marley (of course)
(2) Cool Runnings (the movie)
(3) Blue mountain coffee (they say its very expensive here)
(4) Asafa Powel - (I heard he came to an adjoininf prefecture called Totori)
(5) Jimmy Cliff (This 1 teacher mentioned his name to me and said he love his songs)

Later mi frenz..


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...you sound like a BIG GAL!
What u doing fraid of a truck behind u...obviously man a try intimidate u and it work. You should brake up suddenly and listen for him to screech....that wudda show him to ease off cause u nuh fraid BUT u did friad so u is a BIG GAL!

And what u mean by if u lost a Jamaica u salt - rubbish! U a spread some wicked things man.

And in case u never know - Blue Mountain coffee is the #1 rated coffee in the world. Not the most expensive BUT #1 rated coffee.

Derri said...

Well Dave mi nuh know bout the BIG GAL part.... but it seem like yuh have no choice but to eat up all of dem lunch suh yuh will have stamina fi ramp wid di children dem.

Suh eat up!


madald said...

Lol@Tiny car. Next time say "small car" Dave. I can just imagine you playing stucky with some slant eye kids.

Stewart said...

rofl... everyday i read this blog i get badmind cuz i wanna do the jet thing too... sounds hilarious yute lol.

Anyhow, is you wanna say you're tired just tell dem "tsukareta desu". Which means i'm tired. I guess u can put the whole boku and watashi ha thing in front of it