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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 31 - April 19, 2008

Day 31

Yeahhhhh no work today, so you can almost guess (well for now) that Saturdays and Sundays are going to be not very adventurous. So today, a couple of us woke up at our friend`s house. After checking my email etc etc on his computer, I showed the persons there some youtube footage of some of the stuff that go on in Jamaica. A guy there is a big basket ball fanatic and we were watching some clips...Ohh I used to be a massive fan of basket ball, then I dont know what took place... I have been trying to get back into the basket ball mode for about 5 years now, with little or no luck... I am going to try again... I just realise that the western conference has some big players and the playoffs this year is expected to be pretty close and exciting.

I then followed the South African girl and the guy from Canada (who is a second generation Japanese) to a convenient store to get some stuff. These convenient stores, are as the name suggests, very very convenient. They are opened 24/7 (when this going to happen in Jamaica?) lol... and you can pay all your bills there as well as do stuff like photocopying and check email etc. Last week I told a lady there that I need 13 copies of a paper that I should submit to work. Di lady guh mek 30 copies instead... Is a good ting it only came up to like 100 yen, cause if it was 1 yen more, mi did ago tell har seh mi naaah pay nutten. I dont remember if I mentioned that, in Japan, people walk around with huge sums of money on them, and when they paying for stuff some time, they just flash open wallet or dig down in dem pocket and take out nuff money. Im not yet that settled to do this.

For me to get paid in my job, its not exactly automatic. I have to submit 2 papers, one on the 25th of each month... the other on the last day of the month... If you dont submit them, you wont get paid. If you submit them late, you will be paid late. Today (which is actually April 20 for me)...an ALT told me that I may have to apologise to the principal at the school where I was contemplating not taking lunch for next month????? because they might think is because I dont like the food... But is wah dis??? apologise for not being sure if Im going to take lunch from the school in May???? Well, let me behave and try mi best to blend in with the culture and not fight it...so the first thing tomorrow is to apologise to the principal...aaah bwoy this is difficult... the worst thing is that, him might guh tink seh mi telling him again that mi not eating dem lunch, den him ago call mi company again....What a place....I don`t know if I can fully understand this culture...And hear dis now...A Jamaican told mi that, the people dem at the schools will tell yuh to go and tek coffee all the time you want...and if yuh follow dem... afterward yuhgoing to hear yuh company calling yuh and telling yuh that yuh drinking too much coffee????? WHAT!!!! I am just wondering then, if you dont take up their offer, if yuh company going to call yuh and tell yuh that yuh refusing their offer... Suh what yuh mus duh den???

Any ways, later...


Derri said...

Well Dave mi nuh know bout di apology, but talk di truth. If somebody come to you and tell you as the boss that them not sure if them eating lunch next month, dat nuh sound strange to you? Now if the person tells yuh bout money constraints, that is one thing but if all them say is them dont think them eating lunch next month, yuh nuh mus start see red flag start pop up? dont?


Ebiakpo-aboere said...

hola...yeah a different culture always means a different way of doing things even when you don't see the sense behind it...always praying for you, make the best of this opportunity...GOD knows why you're there...much love!

Alesta said...

Dem people yah jus confusin. LOL. it must be stressing just to figure out the right responses to everything. April 19 was my wedding day!!!:)