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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 33 - Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 33

Got to work early today at about 8:25 am, mi jus a hope seh nuh police nuh stop mi nuh day when mi a guh work. Cause it wudden pretty at all...
I had some classes today that I had no clue about. Again they switched the time table on me with out even telling me a thing...But mi criss still. So yes, I apologised to the principal and the adminstrator lady and tell them that it was a misunderstanding about the food thing on my part. The principal at this school took several pictures of me while I am teaching, and then gave them to me...I had no clue that is how big my nose was until I see it in a picture (no comments on this matter please)...
I went to the post office later on and posted a letter to a company name golloyds, that can help me send back money home by wire transfer...and the cost is relatively cheap. Also went to an impromptu get together thing for this guy who resigned from the company I worked for... a couple other ALTs came, and I met this ALT (I thought i knew them all until now) who said she is from New Zealand. We ate pizza and some other cookie stuff. I then went from there to our Monday bible study thing...and again it was pretty good. They had to detain the dog again and the cat was also coming after me as well this time around. Is a good thig is not attack them attacking mi.
Well laterz and mi jus a hope seh mi comany nuh have nuh problem with any of the pics I put up suh far..

Peace and blessings all....


shellz said...

well davey wavey, looking very pastoral in ur suits i must say...*clears throat*

congrats on the one month!!! the others will be a breeze... we'll be out at some friendly dinner in no time, welcoming u bak into the fold listening to allll ur stories..thats if u remember the little ppl... lol

davay colly said...

ha ha @ michelle about little people... Yuh nuh know yuh a mi fren fi life already, hw yuh a move suh.