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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 37 - Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 37

Parked my car at a company name "books freeway" for the day, but I have to come back for it by 10:00 pm tonight, else mi car going to lock up in there...So I headed for the train station to meet up with the other ALTS of my company, in order to get to our meeting which will be held in OKAYAMA City...which is the Capital of my prefecture (Okayama)...Okayama city is about 1 hr and 30 minutes away from my city (Niimi) by the slow train.. the fast train I think will take about 30 mins...However you must know that this fast ting will cost more and our company wont reimburse us if we take the fast train. So you know we love up the slow train. My main aim (a part from going to the meeting today) in Okayama city was to purchase my plane ticket for Germany... So when we got to Okayama city I told the guys that I want to purchase the ticket... Luckily I saw a guy from my training session in Narita and we all went and had some food, about 6 of us...The others stayed and chatted because they are already seasoned with these meeting stuff, and my friend from our training in Narita followed me to the first travel agent place name nippon travel I think...but their cheapest ticket was like 195,000 yen...mi seh nooooo boss.... mi going to go wid this place I saw on the Internet name H.I.S travel. But because meeting time was coming close...My bredrin seh is better we go there after the meeting...

So the meeting wasnt a meeting really...It was more of us getting to meet the other ALTS in the Okayama Prefecture which was about 70 or more. This included the guy who picked me up at the airport on Day 1...The so called meeting or gathering, was hosted by our Managing Consultant (MC) (which is like the general manager of the branch ) My company has 7 branches I think...and I am attached to the Hiroshima Office... these men (MCs) are ridiculously over worked...Some are responsible for over 100 ALTS in about 3 prefectures...mi nuh sure mi want dah job deh...
All the meeting addressed was:
1) We should submit our pay sheet on the 25th and the work sheet on the last day of the month
2) Games we can play for lessons
3) How to cope with the culture shock in Japan (one guy says he host and invite others to a club party thing every single week, sme one ask this guy if he saves his money...and he said he prefers to party and have a peace of mind after a work week, than to save????)

That was basically the meeting and it took about 2 hours and 30 mins...we had about 3, 10 minute breaks in between....There were about 4 other Jamaicans there, and boy it felt good again to see Jamaicans...there were 4 other black persons outside of us Jamaicans: 1 girl from the USA, 1 from Ghana, 1 from Kenya who in Japan for 7 years and this guy from the USA...I chatted for a little while and found out that I going to have to use up my leave in order to attend the conference in Germany :(, even though we will have no work during that time....I also coincidentally met a German girl who was there...I of course questioned her more about Germany and how to get there etc etc and what to expect...I also made her aware that I know a little of the German language :) My friend from the training then followed me to H.I.S travel and is a good ting him know Japanese too cause all the other guys who came with me on the train, gone bout dem business...The main ALT girl who is from Cananda tries to explain stuff to me, but she talks a little too fast and also expect me to understand what she says the very first time she explains it...so sometimes I dont even bother to ask her anything. Most other persons were also going to go to Karioke or to this club thingy in the night but of course I went to neither, because me have to get back my car by 10:00 pm else a walk foot from books free way to mi yard...which is about 30 - 45 minutes noooooo bosss.

So continuing now...the bredrin followed mi to H.I.S travel and we were there for about 1 hour or longer cause even though the yute speak Japanese, its not very very well...So my ticket to Germany from July 29 - Aug 4, should cost about 179,000 yen... and I should travel from Osaka to Seoul, Korea then from Seoul, Korea to Frankfurt Germany...Bwoy what a sacrifice...Before the travelling though I need to get a re - entry permit to Japan then go for the shengyen visa business to get to Germany or anywhere in the European Union. I paid down 20,000 yen on the ticket and they said I should pay the balance mussy by July 14 or something like that...So I planning to go get the re-entry permit as well as pay the balance on June 2...when I should get a day off...As to when I going for the visa interview, I have no idea....Boy so much things to do..and no time...cause every weh lock up pon Saturdays and Sundays as well as public holidays as is expected...but there are so many public holidays here and I dont know when again I going to get time from work to tell you the truth...bwoy, how dis ting going to work out...I really don`t know... after this mi tell the bredrin seh nuff respect, cause di man was going to look for him girlfriend who is 2 hours away in another prefecture and him was running very late...Suh him help mi a den cut. When he went away, I saw a Jamaican girl from the meeting and the Kenyan which is a fluent Japanese speaker, sitting in the place as well...The Jamaican want to take a trip back home (Patrice Williams she said she know you from Jampro...I think her name is Janiel or Tracy). The cost for her to go back is bout 246,000 yen..

After this I stayed around with 2 of the Jamaican guys and chat and walk up and down in the city...We were also waiting on this Jamaican gir l who wanted to meet up with us...she lives in Hiroshima and comes from Mandeville...The other 2 guys now, one come from Waterhouse and the other from somewhere in Westmoreland. So after we met up with the girl from Mandeville, who said is long time shi dont see a black person, muchless a Jamaican, I had to catch the 7:45 pm train which would get me to Niimi by 9:30 pm...Now of course, me weh come from country nuh know how dis train business work to the fullest. So the Jamaican guy from waterhouse had to explain it to me quickly then I ran off. I got to my city and ran to the books free way to get my car...then stopped by a convenient store to fax off my pay sheet because it was the 25th of the month...I then drove home, played some game and then drop in the bed.

Ahh this was a long blog I think...Well laterz

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Sasha said...

Hey Dave whats up. Is the Jamaican girl from Mandeville named Sherine by any chance. Enjoy the experience and u are in my Prayers. Bless up