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Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 43 - Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 43

Yes the first day of May...Its very sad but mi actually counting down the days till mi go back home wid all the foolishness that is going on there. But dont get mi wrong still, Japan is ok, but no where like home. I was driving to the school today that I think I enjoy being at the most and on my way a saw a monkey (first time in my life) at the side of the road looking on...And bwoy it faiva Sheldon lol a joke...A good ting sheldon nuh read mi blog but mi know Panton going to tell him. I almost got to school late because I called one of my friend`s from my former workplace, Garmex and she had me on the phone for about 12 minutes. Bwoyme and dis month`s phone bill, mi nuh know how it ago guh. All who mi call betta western union some money back to mi :) .

I found out what the kids at this school wanted me to say the first time I taught here...the were trying to get me to repeat "hipa hipa hi i shi ke ru" which means I love you very much, now isnt that tweet :)...These kids in their break time ride this uni cycle ting...And I said to myself...If dem pikney here can do this, den me mus can do it to...One time mi guh try it and mi nearly drop off mi jus seh noooo noo boss, this is not a part of my contract. But then again???

while I was driving back from school I saw a small dead snake in the road, I never know seh snake deh roun di place. I got a call today from the guy who installed the pre internet stuff in my apartment and he said I could go ahead and send in the Application to Yahoo BB at a store name Deo Deo. Some of the JET guys around here have some 5ombs connection and them paying a very small fee for it and me mussy only going to get 20mbs and a pay more...Suh it guh still. Plus me not getting this internet until about another 3 weeks or so...I then went to my friends apartment and check the internet, which is why a couple of you may have seen me only this morning.

So now I get this letter from my company saying that I need to pay my rent to some account...when me done pay mi rent already, is what dem really up to??? Every now and again when I`m driving to work and sometimes while driving back, I see this JET ALT riding to school, so I would honk the car horn to hail him...Mi hear seh the guy a tell him fren dem how mi a frighten him students them off them bicycle wid mi honking because dem not expecting to hear the horn...And mi did notice that when mi honk mi horn the last time him not even pay mi nuh mind innuh and mi was wondering why... the guys who told me laughed me to scorn and said when him dont wave I should just do a hand break turn and honk until him wave lol.

Well I not going to make these people run mi out again so later...


Royalee said...

lol Dave... looks like u living in a zoo... U better be careful with all these animals running about the place... Anyway... still be grateful about ur 20mbs internet... i just have 5mbs :(...

Royalee said...

lmao... I'm just realizing that the monkey in the pic has an ipod... lol

Stewart said...

dave question about the statement the kids were making.

Can you write the correct pronounciation of it? I'm wondering becuz is the first time i hearing that phrase and i want to ask ma sensei about it. The way i know to say I love you is, aishiteru. But there might be a difference