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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 48 - Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 48

Yes today is the end of the golden week, the last day of holiday for now and is known as "Substitute" holiday...well thats what I see on my cell phone, I have no clue what it means, this teacher told me something about plus alpha...Anyway, so I called one of my friend`s who is in another prefecture and she said our company is giving her a raw deal. She was supposed to go home this year but because of some technicalities, she still has to be here for some weird reason unknown to me. She also told me that our company sort of have a reputation of not caring too much about their employees but instead is simply protecting its image and trying to get more clients...

So scenarios like this might be possible:

Possible Scenario 1

Employee: ... Hello there is a traffic pile up on the road going to work today

Company: ... Ok make sure you still get to work on time
(How, by teleportation???)

Possible Scenario 2

Employee: ... Hello I have a minor accident on the road this morning
Company: ... Ok take a taxi and make sure you have enough money to get to work

I heard that sometime they will not even ask you if you are ok...But again, everybody have a different experience.

I hoping that no foolishness comes my way, or else I might just have to run come home a mi yard and nuh business. So far it has been ok for me except when I am having my down times, which comes scarcely.... My friend had a little mishap and she said the company didnt even care to give her a call...The only calls she kept getting from them is to say she need to pay more and more money... Boy is peer bad news mi hearing...Even from my friend who resigned...He said that they messed him up big time...Boy I hope I just finish the year and run come home...Not anada day after mi contract end, God`s willing...Although everybody have a different experience still but so far its mostly negative stuff I am hearing from others...

I got a call from the yahoo BB people to ask me if I need internet only or internet and phone....Even though I dont read Japanese very well, I am certain I ticked the correct box (Internet only) so if I see them coming to install phone in my apartment, I might have to tell them to take away themselves...

I spoke to my mom and sister again today..I asked my sister to seek out some ticket prices through her workplace, because I am seriously contemplating to take a visit home in August, but I am watching how things will go first...

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Anonymous said...

Bwoy Dave, mi soon come fi yuh, lol!! Brother, as u said everybody experience different. By the way when does the year end? Will say a SPEM prayer 4 u, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental.

luciana said...

Hey marlon says hi. glad to know mi running in ur mind as well. heheheh i know i have to compete with alot of females.

Why u coming home August? hmmmm try save the money dave. how long would you get in august? u could use the money to go to another country to sight see etc. u nuh live a jamaica? u nah come back after one year as you oh so emphasise all the time every day pon the blog? i know u may be home sick, but just take on some activity to tek ur mind off it. i have started a blog too, but it will be full stream starting Sept. when i reach UK.

Royalty said...

Listen Dave,Happy Jamaican Teachers' Day!...forget all that crap and crappiness from dem crappers. Be up at all times man...u must! Sad times are only ligering memories...forget dem and be happy K!