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Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 65 - Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 65

When I got up this morning I felt as if I was catching a serious cold...Sorry to gross you out but I spat out some strange looking mucous and my head felt funny... And I have absolutely no plans to go to any doctor in Japan, Im sorry... I think this hot /cold whether is taking its toll. The days are very hot, nights and mornings are cold.

I went to the school that I always make a wrong turn at today...and guess what??? I made a wrong turn again :) but I realised it instantly and spin round the car same time... When ever I get to that intersection I just dont know where to turn...Is when mi turn now mi realise dat is a wrong turn... So now last week at this school I asked the vice principal and the teacher for the grade 4 and 5 (Joined classes) classes if I could video it this week. They said "Yes man everything criss".. I wanted to video it because I think this class I have the most fun with and I want to show people what I do for a living now :) ... So today when the vice principal saw the cameras...she started looking on me funny and I see the Principal start looking at me weird and scratch him chin.... Then the vice principal ask me why I wanted to video the class...I said for memories to look back on...Then she asking me bout if its for my company and I said "NO its for me"... The place just started to feel tense and then I wanted to say "Just dont bother please, if it is going to be a problem" But I dont know how to say that to them to make them understand...So I went to the class and the teacher video it for me and so far I dont hear my company call, ... So far so good... But I heard them call my name in a conversation and said ALT several times...I also heard them talking to the vice principal from my main school... Hmmm I am hoping for the best...
So after work I went to soccer practise and this time my team did a little better...we only got
3 - 2...Isnt that remarkable from the 7-0 whopping on Tuesday??? Soccer is fun but bwooy my feet start to ache terribly now and this injury that mi have from mussy high school days start act up back again.

I started to read some articles about black people living in Japan...This is one of the links... Its a little long but interesting...The guy is from USA so that might be the only draw back, but he is black... http://www.blacktravels.com/japan.html

This is a quote from him that I found funny "How do the Japanese perceive Blacks? Remember the analogy of how a Japanese seeing a foreigner is like a child seeing an elephant for the first time? Well, if you are black, it's more like a child seeing a unicorn. Most Japanese have heard about unicorns such as Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan, or Whitney Houston, but to see a real one is unimaginable."

He also said this that I found interesting " Japanese tend to idolize whites over any other group of people. This is evident in their advertisements, magazines, and even in their much-cherished animations. I knew better than to ask why there aren't many Black characters in their animations, but I did often ask why most of the characters look white instead of Japanese. One show that worries me and which has been a huge success in America is called Dragonball. Dragonball is a highly imaginative story, which places good characters against evil ones and has characters of varying moral hues in between. There are two aspects of the show which raises my eyebrows: (1) The character of Mr. Popo (jet black, big eyes, big red lip charachter with African accent) (2) The main hero, Goku, looks very Japanese (black hair and dark brown eyes). But later, when he becomes more powerful and reaches a higher level of energy, his hair becomes blonde and his eyes become blue. No comment."

In the article He also mentioned that there is a term Gorrira that sound like gorilla that they might use in their private talks....When I saw this I got an immediate flash back of something that happend at my Thursday school last week... This teacher that I just have this feeling that he doesnt really like me around, named one of the teams in a game with kids, "Mountain Gorilla" Then in the game he placed the name of some Japanese cities then USA ???? I am now wondering if he was being racist plus to top it off basically saying "Why didnt they get someone from the USA"... But maybe just maybe I am reading into this too much...
It really sucks to be somewhere and everybody looking at you like a damn animal to rhatid...What the hell is wrong with these people??? I am only happy that the schools I am at they at least try to treat me well even if its hypocritically... I think I feel the genuine care and love from some of the people and teachers, but others I am just watching dem...

Well people later....


Royalty said...

You just tell dem Japanese mek sure dem nuh come yah...cause whilst wi nuh prejudice, wi prejudice gainst prejudice! Fire! LOL.

Jamaipanese said...

wow this is a great blog you have here. I was just introduced to it today by a friend. It will take me days to read through all these entries from the first one, but I don't mind. I am super interested in Japan and I am also from Jamaica. Never been to Japan (yet) though.

keep blogging!

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...u realise that none of the men in that Pic had up the Peace sign that Japanese always seem to have up in Pics.

madald said...

That was a good point about Dragon Ball Z