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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 70 - Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 70

Went to my main school today and after lunch, I saw a bunch of kids and their teachers changing off into some shorts and t shirt and dem tings... I was wondering what was going on??? Then I realised that they were about to clean the school 's pool. Now, I was told by the kochosensei (principal) that almost every single elementary school in Japan, has a swimming pool. They dont hire any body but they themselves along with the kids clean the pool.

Of course because I had nothing to do I had to be there :) WORSE the principal!!! The principal asked me to try out the pool broom thing so I said ok lets see how this goes.. This explains the photo of me in my tie doing dirty work... Hey I love this job :) Later today the principal showed me some baby ducks that they bought to put on the rice field... The baby ducks will eat the insects that try to mess up the rice plant... they also fenced around the ducks and put electricity on the fence in case some fox or bird try to eat the ducks... I hear that a couple of the teachers well, accidentally get shocked by the fence, not remembering that the current is there... The principal then showed me a dead baby snake while we were walking back to the car parking lot... DEAD SNAKE???? I dont like the idea of snakes being around me, whether poisonous or not. And Yes people, I am well aware that I need a hair cut but nooooo nooo, I will wait a bit, trimming too expensive...

I found out that Jamaica actually has a meaning in Japanese...

JAMA - Means obstacle
IKA - Means cuttlefish

To Patrice and Stewart, the prefecture that my friend is in that is having the racial problem is a place name AICHI - and the capital is Nagoya (they dont want no Niga ya) ... Another friend email me while I was writing this blog, and she said she is facing some ridiculous racism as well. She said some kids stoned her the other day and a kid and their parent, pointed at her and laughed at her... I was in shock when I read her email... she is in a prefecture called CHIBA... This is the prefecture that we went to for training. The girl went as far as to tell me that some Japanese would spit and cough whenever she walk by... ITs not the first I hearing this from someone either... My Jamaican friend in Hiroshima said the same thing happen to her too with the spit and cough business... I had nooo clue that this type of thing happened in Japan. Sigh!!!

Article on Racism in Japan
: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/4671687.stm


Claudine said...

Dave thatz really scary i feel their pain trust me. Anyway God is with you,keep trusting him.

Royalty said...

That is totally inhumane man...it has very little to do with the fact that they lack knowledge or experience of blacks in their country but everything to do with what may be termed as an attitude of brutish, callous, deep-dark heartless and senseless way of perceiving others who are only different in skin tone from themselves...my most reasonable advice to victims of this kind of behaviour is...know yourselves and let no one else define who u r, regardles of their creed or colour! None is above the other in God's sight, and right now, that's all that matters...peace!

Royalty said...

If our prini told u to do what u'r doing there especial in ur work clothes...wud u? hmmmmmmmm. Just checking!

Pëbblës said...

Bwoy Dave.. me no know if me cuda manage them racial issues on my own my wudda run come home

Alesta said...

Lord forgive them for they know not what they do! In the meantime, help them to come to their senses