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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 72 - Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 72

Went to my furthest school today on an almost empty tank of gas. I got there though and as ususal, the day at school went well. I have a video clip of about 5 mins or so, of me teaching... I might upload it briefly on youtube or here one of these days then take it down back.

Guess what happend today??? I GOT PAID!!!!HORAYYY first time since February 2008 I am getting paid and it felt sooo good, you have no idea of the joy I feel today :).. And the pay is good too, as in the amount of money :) :) :) well that`s in comparison to the last jobs I had ;) I went to the post office to withdraw some money from the post office ATM and when I was heading in my car, I notice this Japanese man acting like he was fixing a window when he was really there staring at me. Some of the Japanese think they have a slick way of staring at you, and they dont think we foreigners are very much aware of it...

So after the post office, I drove back again on an empty gas tank because there was no gas station nearby this remotely located school. I was praying so hard that the car dont shut off in the road, but thank God I got to a gas station in time and full up the tank. This should last me until next Friday. I went football practice today then went home and spoke to my mother and sister.


Royalti said...

I guess no more complaining after pay day huh? Do njoy and remember to pay u tithes first and then di people dem weh u borrow from back home...yes, sen my portion back thru western union, di same way u get it fi borrow...LOL!

Alesta said...

Praise God you finally get paid!!

Derri said...

Yeah pay day! And how quickly the money goes, but lets not go there....

Yes i know those gas prayers. Mine are more along the lines of - Lord please let this take me into Half-Way-Tree cause i cant afford to buy nuh expensive gas in Linstead or Spanish Town...

Waz up wid the 10,000 yen bill?

Anyways blessings till the next pay day!