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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 77 - Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 77
Almost got to work late again....No no this computer in the morning ting going to cut out seriously now...Mi naah joke dis time :)...

Normally I would do 3 classes today but I did 2 instead. I prefer to have 3 classes rather than 2 trust me. Sleep would box yuh left, right and centre after the class dem done and you have nothing else to do. I only had 2 classes today because they were having a pool opening ceremony??? In all my life on earth, I have never heard of such a thing...I wonder why they decide to open the pool in the rainy season and they know that the water going to be cold hmmm!!!

I went to the English conversation thing today along with about 5 other ALTs. The man who I believe started this English conversation thing asked me to drive my car this time around... Normally he would drop us all, but because other ALTs were coming this time, he asked me to drive....So I dropped the guy who live on my apartment complex and the Canadian/Japanese ALT there and back home. Actually to tell you the truth, I feel much much better helping out anyone here than to ask for help; whether it be ALT or Japanese. And if I had a choice, I would rather ask the Japanese people that speak English. I feel like I'm being a burden to the ALTS sometimes, but the Japanese seem to go out of their way to help.. I cant forget when I was in Osaka and was trying to get to the bus stop but had no clue where to go. I called everybody who live in my area, that could speak both Japanese and English, probably about 10 people in all, 7 of which are ALTs. The man who host the English conversation thing didnt know the way and only 2 of ALTs out of the 7 actually called me back, but one called when I already got help, while the other was in a hurry because he was at work. It was working time I called them but, im sure they saw the missed call. The other 3 persons were Japanese and all of them called me back and tried to assist me some how. I cant forget that desperate situation on Monday at all. I was actually heading back to the train station to pay double the amount I paid eventually, when the Japanese lady called me just as I was about to purchase the train ticket, and she helped me out to the end... Bwoyy mi a tell yuh. Well mi getting help and thats key... I cant mek the ALTS look bad still cause 2 of them try to help me out a whole lot, chiefly the guy who come to bible study... I think I hear the annoyance in him voice sometimes though, or that could be my mind again ...

Well tek care fi now..


Royalti said...

Let it be your mind there Dave...i often do that in order to keep away from evil thoughts and bitter build-ups...keep positive, and choose happiness so u can enjoy ur time there to the max, k.

Alesta said...

Di heapa time wha your mind play trick pan yu cant count. LOL

luciana said...

glad to know u kool. i enjoy ur blog as usual. u need to think about a book a bio if u may want to be technical.

"my japan experience...through the eyes of a black man"

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....is sh!t them sh!t in the pool?? Me see some lumpy lumpy that don't look too good.

My advice to you...don't swim in that pool!!! Even after u clean it.