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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 80 - Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 80
You can pretty much predict my Saturdays by now. Stay home, read mi bible, sleep and watch stuff on the internet. So again I watched a bunch of Naruto cartoons.

Hey and please dont think I am a kid ok?? I love video games, cartoons, computer stuff, poetry, church activities, meeting people, traveling obviously and the list goes on and on...

Well take care now and blessing...


Donna-lee said...

Dave, i finally caught up with the blog from day 52... took a while but it was funn rreading...as usual..each time i read about yuor experiences i am encouraged even more that God takes care of his children no matter where they are or what dem gonig tru...you are a living proof and testimony. nuff tings happen to me this week that kinda shook my faith but reading this blog has encouraged me..As the song says...'when you cant trace his hand , trust his heart' keep on trusting dave latrz donna.....weh sunday blog deh? it suppose to be monday for u now!!

K. said...

dave, dont worry about the naruto watching. i spent a whole weekend once watching the whole bleach and naruto series until was current. and every week since then i wait on episodes and download them once they are subbed.