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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 81 - Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 81

Went church today and for a while my translator herself could not understand what the pastor was saying in Japanese.
Well it was ok still and afterwards we had food and then took some pictures after church. The lady in the red in the group pic is the one who keep bible study on Mondays and also translate stuff for me...
The guy in the black shirt is from cambodia, the girl in the red and white beside me in the pic up top as well as in the group pic is from China... Shi is 19, shi look nice nuh true? weh unnu seh try a ting??? LOL joking... No seriously I`m joking ok !!! :)
The guy in the red cap, the guy on the left stooping in the green & white shirt and the girl beside the bible study lady are all from China....The pastor is the man around the back and his wife is also at the back... The girl in front the pastor is a Japanese nursing student and the gril beside her is the Pastor`s daughter. The other lady beside the pastor`s daughter, I think is a member of the church... The other guy stooping in front is a Japanese high school guy...And yes, this is how we dress to go to church...Please dont complain about my hair, I already explain the situation......


Donna-lee said...

Hey Dave, i finally gettin a chance to catch up on your blog from day 52,....bwoy it look like seh yuh a loose a likkle weight man? am i correct or what?..neway i realy want to emphasize though i have been deadin wid laughter while reading your story i am also very much encouraged at the same time....this week my own faith was seriously challenged and i wondered why got made certain things happen but a i read your story i am convinced now more than ever that God knows whats hes doing and 'when you cant trace his hand, trust his heart'... i can see it clearly dave, God is with you every step of the way..i'm soo happy for you and visa thing..thoughi shouldn't be surprised cuz i mean we talking bout our AWESOME GOD here..duh

luciana said...

yes i agree dave u have lost weight. look on ur neck. glad to know u ok

Royalti said...

wad up to yall! Dave has been chatting all a yah wid us...no, nothing good. Pastor, him seh u nuh preach mek him understan, girl in red and white, him seh u mus get a grip on u japanese or come out a translation business, and socca players, yall suck...but him him seh so, not me, and i did not tell u, ok. Let there be peace in Japan..Lol