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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 84 - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 84

Some old people came to observe me teaching my grade 4 class today. I think a teacher told me about this some time ago but I didnt remember, so it actually was a surprise to me...Its a good thing this topic was one that I love teaching... "What sports, do you like?" "I like Soccer".. The old people were observing me and they were laughing their socks off...Afterward, I had to introduce myself to them in Japanese, which is a breeze for me now :) .. Even though this is my main school and I really appreciate them giving me my lesson plans and stuff; they get on my nerves sometimes...Well some of the teachers that is... Because many of them speak a little English, they do most of the class and want me to stay there like a puppet... The other schools, I pretty much do what I want... I simply asked the grade 4 teacher today, "Hey can I do a warm up exercise before we begin classes today?" (I do this before my classes at all the other schools)... The man going to ask mi WHY??? This thing not even take 2 minutes.

I left this school earlier than usual today to go to the bank and attempt to wire transfer some money to one of my Jamaican accounts. Luckily there was a lady there that I met at our English conversation thing on Wednesdays, and she assisted me a bit... Her English is not all that good, but I can understand her and her English is wayyyyyyy better than my Japanese. Now, because the last time I went to this bank was in April when I opened an account, it seemed as if I forgot my pin # for my card... I dont remember if I used the same pin # for my postal account and my bank account... So after 2 wrong attempts, the Japanese lady who was helping me basically said that I should choose a new pin # and wait next week to get a new card ....So I had to choose another way to wire transfer the money, which was writing up this Japanese paper. I only hope that the money gone to the Jamaican account..

After this I went home then to our English Conversation thing and I met this new Japanese lady who said she visited many places in Europe...She said she wants to try trimming my hair as she is a hair dresser... She said she really wants to try as its the very first time she was feeling a hair texture like mine... She kept touching it and saying "Omoshidoi" meaning "Interesting"...
I was there making them laugh, by showing them a combination of Japanese and Jamaican dance moves... They could not stop laughing... especially when I attempt to dance like a Japanese with their slow movements...

1 comment:

Stewart said...

Omoshiroi dave, the word is omoshiroi, lol you really need to work on your pronounciation and spelling man lol. Anyway I like the fact that you actually having fun now, thats how it should be. And it look like you get all free barber and ting, yeh yute that mad (but u should just get somebody to cane-row your hair lol).

And just look at it this way, if the haircut fails... just go bald for a while