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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 86 - Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 86

Went to the school that I have my favourite class at, which is the same school that I always make a wrong turn at. I found yet a shorter way to get their though... And yes yes I made a wrong turn again. Today as I got to the school, the Kyoto Sensei or Vice principal said to me that I will be reviewed/observed TODAY IN THE VERY FIRST LESSON!!!! She said that the observation will be carried out by all the teachers of this school along with the principal.... "So why didnt they inform me of this earlier"??, I thought to myself... At least at my last job in Jamaica, they would tell us at least a week or 2 in advance. So this class that they would observe me teaching at was to be the grade 1/2 class... Yes at this school they group the grades together, 1 with 2, 3 with 4 (my single favourite class out of all my five schools...Thats their picture up top, I know u cant see me too well but I am in the picture too) and 5 with 6 ... So about 10 minutes before the first class began, the grade 1 and 2 teachers rush me to go into the teaching room to review the lesson I would be teaching... We practiced the things I would say etc etc.. Then came the students followed by the kocho sensei (Principal), the kyoto sensei and the other members of the full time teaching staff. To be honest I was a little intimidated and nervous, especially because I wasn't informed before about this sudden observation that I am supposedly going to be graded on...

I think it went well though because I saw a lot of smiles on their faces, but I dont know for sure because this is Japan we are talking about... Then today they also decided to switch my schedule on me without informing me. I was there getting ready to go to my grade 3/4 class and when I got to the room, it was the grade 5/6 students I saw in there... I had to run back to the staff room and get the grade 5/6 material... ahhh bwoyyy....my other ALT friends would say "Welcome to Japan"

After work, I went home, skull football practice then went by my ALT friend's apartment to eat, play some video games and board games... We played this video game name guitar hero and this board strategy game name Catan... We played Catan until about 6:30 am Saturday morning. So We all left there at around 6:45 am Saturday morning...


Anonymous said...

Bwoy ain't that how things work. I had a class observed by the Kocho, several teachers and the head of the Board of Education from my area with how much notice? I was informed of the situation that day, but at least I got to practice in another class before and I realized that they did drop hints prior.

And tell about it, when people hear ya learning japanese, don't they break out the ching chang chongs. Its like dude, wrong language! Japanese is flat not all intonated like Chinese.

(and saying ching chang is a bit ignorant any how)

(kesha again)

Royalti said...

Isn't that some sobordinate way of treating anyone Dave, Japan or not. At least they need to inform b4 changing schedules, it's not a puppet on a string business...man they lack communication real bad. Good thing u r flexible tho but i may have been pissed at that and call a meeting long time...but then again, it's only a few more months ah...u go!

Royalti said...

getting the spelling right...subordinate