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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 87 - Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 87

Left my friend's apartment with the other ALTs about 6:45 am then I went to the conbini (Convenient store) to get some breakfast... I went to sleep at about 7:15 am after eating my breakfast then got up back at about 3:30 pm... Wow the life, go to bed anytime, wake up anytime... In Jamaica, Im almost 100% sure that I would have some meeting or performance or something else to attend. That has been happening to me since January 2003 where almost every Saturday in Jamaica, I had a meeting or something. I am finally getting some time for myself now, which I am enjoying for the most part, as much as I miss my family and friends back at home... I am guessing that this is God's way of saying, "Bredrin, you need to rest yuh self sometime"

So after I got up at 3:30 pm, then my usual Saturday routine begins... Read my bible, and watch one whole heap of Naruto, Japanese Animation Cartoons... And K, I cannot believe that you spent 1 weekend watching Naruto and Bleach... :) After I watch about 7 of them, I will start to fall asleep.

Today when I checked my facebook messages, I saw where my friend was sending out prayer for me, because there was a BIG earthquake in Northern Japan, and they not hearing anything from me... I had no clue about this until I saw the message on facebook. I am in south western Japan and where I am doesnt experience earthquake frequently Thank God.... I hoping that I dont feel any at all.

Here is a link to the earthquake story...

Some of my friends are so clueless to the whole Japan/China difference... I remember when there was the Big China Earthquake last month or so, and my friend asking me if I am ok...

My mother bad and not so bad; when she heard the news about the stabbing in Tokyo, she called me same time and ask me if I'm alright... People!!! I live about 12 hours away from Tokyo in the country part of a prefecture that is not even popular... The closest BIG city to me is Osaka, which is about 3 hours away by bus... Many of my other friends think that the Japanese language has the Chung, yung, ching chang sounds... Those sounds are very Chinese... The Japanese Language has no such sounds, but instead has a whole lot of Mashta, deshta, ka, wa and mas sounds.... The spellings wrong but thats how they are pronounced... Like mashta is really spelled Mashita and Mas is spelled Masu, The "I" and the "U" are silent respectively. Right Stewart???

Any way later... And again, yes everybody, I am ok... The earthquake was far away from me...


Royalti said...

Heard some slight mention of the earthquake thingy but had no reason to be concerned at all. And guess what! Jamaicans will always be...people here don't waste time to rationalize things of very little importance, therefore, to link japanese with chinese is like...what the hell does it matter, they all speak gibberish as far as we all are concerned, it just not worth time to make distinctions k. That's why the Japanese here are constantly refered to as Mr. Chin...Jamaicans are not dumb, taking time to sort that very minute significance is absolutely irrelevant to the average Jamaican....k!

Stewart said...

Dave nuh badda try explain the different sounds of japanese and chinese, i've been trying for years and still ppl dont understand me, its just one of those jamaican stigma's placed on all asian ppl lol. Just like our stigma is weed and bob marley.

I like how it sound like u might just be learning some of the language now though lol. i'm joking i'm joking

K. said...

The anime is good fun to watch plus you can pick up a lot of culturally relevant info and even learn the language a little.