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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 97 - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 97

Went to the school that seem to only give me lesson plans minutes before the class begins (with the exception of the English coordinator), but I left there early to go to the bank.
At lunch time in the schools, what I do sometime is to hide the wrapped up food that I dont like. I would take it up from my tray, look around if anybody looking, put it in my pocket then dispose of it afterward. So I was trying to do the samething today with the dried seaweed (nori) because it taste bad. So I took it up and hid it in my pocket. Apparently a kid noticed that none was in my tray and it wasnt too long that another kid placed a brand new one in my plate... Not only that, I saw a teacher approaching me with another one as well, I had to quickly tell him that I was already given one... So much for hiding. I ended up having to eat it with the kids staring in my morning.

I went to the bank today to lodge some money in order to pay for my plane ticket to Germany... I then went home and sleep for a little while then go on the internet. A few of my female ALT friends were going to zazen (The temple meditation business) but I was half asleep so I didnt bother to go anywhere. Plus I dont too too trust that temple business.
Thats all for today....


Royalti said...

Caught u ah, hush!

Anonymous said...

my yute... in you pocket... rofl

A good fi you, eat up the japanese food its all healthy and shiznit. Remember most things that taste bad are good for you.

まずい けど いい 食べ物
Mazui kedo, ii tabemono