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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 98 - Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DAY 98

Got my final observation (for now) today by about 15 people, I heard that the next time will be about November or December. After the observation, this Japanese lady came up to me and said "Very good lesson" then she started talking some more Japanese that I didnt understand. All I could do was nod my head and give her a broad smile :) ... My observations were for grades 4 where I did "what sports do you like" and grade 6 I did "May I help you? What would you like?" They both went well in my estimate...
I told the office administrator that I was possibly heading for Hiroshima this weekend and she instantly got a bus schedule for me. These people can be wonderful sometimes, well the people at this school are nice all the time actually, the principal here is the best. I am glad that this is my main school. The grade one teacher then told me that they are planning to have yaki niku (Barbeque) on Friday at the same place that I went on day 46. They then invited me... I'm sorry, it is expensive but I cant resist this offer. Im not going to drink this time though because I cannot forget what happened on day 46. So I'm going to have to put off my planned visit to Hiroshima until next weekend, and go Yaki niku this Friday :) :) :)

I then went home and later on drove 2 of my ALT friends in the area to our usual Wednesday English conversation. The lady that gave me the hair cut, brought a map of Hiroshima for me, because I plan to visit my Jamaican friends who are down that side. The map is a back up plan, just in case I decide to drive the way... It would take about 4 hours from where I am...(Possibly the same distance from Portmore to Mobay in Jamaica) to get there. At our English conversation thing, all we did this time was played the apples game... The man who normally drive us to this place, said he watched a program on the TV about Jamaica and our wonderful beaches. He said almost all the guys on the TV resembled me... Boy these people of different race. Most of my white and asian friends say that I resemble one or more of the following persons:
Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker or Dave Chappelle
Some body please answer me truthfully.... Do I resemble any of these persons??????

For me I cant see it. The closest one I would probably say is Chris Tucker because his eyes look as big as mine.

Well later people...


Celia said...

If you give them a taste of their own medicine they will cut it out. Just name some arbitrary white and Asian people and tell dem how they resemble them. The more far off the better.

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....u don't look like no cebrelity....so nuh badda try look nuh cebrelity cousin!!

Bjorn J. said...

yeah i would say dave chappelle. u too have that off beat personna.