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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 99 - Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 99

Today, the grade 3 kids taught me some more Japanese. They were teaching me the Kanji symbols for the different days of the week. These classes are interesting. They even had a short welcoming party for me where they made this contraption in which, when I pull a string, some coloured paper would fly out. They also made some tiny books and a pencil case with my name written in Romanji (Deibu) on it. How is it that these Japanese grade 3 students are so super intellegent when compared to an average Jamaican Kid??? Is it their genetics? Or is it the environment?? Or a combination of both plus some other factors... I know you do have some brilliant Jamaican kids, but these Japanese kids are like close to geniuses from early. And its not just a few of them, its most of them.

After teaching a couple more classes, I played basket ball with the grade 5 and 6 kids, then track and field with the grade 2 and 3 kids. Boy this job is tiring but farrr from stressful. A senior guy with our company did say that a major aim of our job is having fun while making the kids have fun as well (even if they dont learn a thing). Before I was ready to leave and go home, I noticed this little kid started hitting the other female kids in her path, and hitting them really hard too. This was because 1 kid ran half of the distance that she did. I simply walked away and left them fighting because I plan not to part any fights in Japan, whether petty or not. As I cant forget what my friend told me about the Jamaican guy who decided to part a fight and ended up going to jail with the guys who were actually fighting. The guys who were actually fighting, possibly ended up coming out of jail before him...

I drove home then went to soccer with the kids then to our usual ALT Thursday link up. Today we had curry and Spaghetti night. As usual we played games and chatted. My Canadian/Japanese friend gave me his heater, because he will be leaving in August. He is also giving me his Catan board game. I hope when I am ready to leave (if I leave........................ Just kidding) I will be able to some how get rid of most of the unnecessary stuff that I have here.

I read my friend's blog which I find funny... This is a piece of what she wrote:

Here's this weeks update:

I momentarily mentioned about the kids of riot class 2-2, a class of bad kids, that are both a nightmare and a riot. A riot as in hilarious, any teachers' headache and heart. I had them twice this week. I know, how awesome! I don't want to go into descriptions of these special case kids but their usual teacher was out. Ms. Oblivious. Yes she too suffers from a similar issue. She shows up to the wrong classes on an occasion, finds herself on the wrong floor entirely. So, Ms Head teacher was in charge (the english head teacher but I actually don't think thats her title, anyway). So she is strict. lol. That won't work with this class, ha ha.

They talk back in English during class actually, not much japanese. She tried to tell the leader kid off. Who is quite the cutest kid ever (this is the junior high school 8th grade but some kids look so small, cute and childlike). He shouts back, in English:

Kid: "I don't speak Japanese, this is English class!"

Teacher: "Be quiet, now repeat after me"

Kid: "No, you repeat after me! This is english class."

(ps I am not the teacher so discipline has nothing to do with me I just try to be sympathetic and not laugh)

Lol! I tell you I never believed the Japanese are good quiet kids script. These kids are kids like any other. They drip of teenage awkwardness and rebelion. Like for instance I see some of the high school kids with baggy pants and shirts. Boys with their hair all kinds a strange ways. Girls, oh the girls! Them skirts be way too short, I tell you. If I see anymore up thigh, and the thing is that they ride bikes to school. Underwear galore!

Well my friends, later zeen!!!

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Royalti said...

May i av a link to ur friend's blog please, this sounds pretty interesting i tell u...funny actually! Send by email please!