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Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 128 - Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 128

Went to the bank to get my 200 euros then to the convenient store to fax my claims form. Oh when I go to doctors to do medical check ups like what I did on Wednesday at the ENT Specialist, my insurance wants us to pay for the check ups upfront, then we claim back for the money we spent... Remember its a claim so you are not guaranteed to get it back... however if you do get it back, the amount will be added to your credit card.... If you need cash, then you have to spend over US$85 on a doctor's visit, in order to "CLAIM" for your money... I have never seen nor heard of a more crappy insurance plan than this. And this was what our company practically insisted that we do.. Hiss teet.. But yet we have to pay insurance dirctly out of our bank account, amounting to 6100 yen per month... This is madness..

Today I also faxed off my worsheet and paysheet so I can get paid at the end of August. I also purchased a couch/bed and a kotatsu (a small heated electric table used mosly for the winter) from a JET ALT who will be leaving soon. I paid only 5000 yen for both, which is a great deal... So now if my sister is serious about visiting me in Japan, she will have somewhere to sleep. But I know my sister ooh so well already, that she not coming anywhere... It would be a miracle...

I went to English conversation in the night and my friend lent me 3 PS2 games. I plan to buy a PS3 in Osaka when I am back in Japan...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Buy any more stuff and you gonna get stuck in Japan. With your 3 suitcases, car and newly acquired funiture you setting some serious roots here. (j/k) =)

Actually I was looking at all my junk the other day and thinking "if I had to up and move anytime some, that would be a hassle".