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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 130 - Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 130

Yes... So today I went to church and guess what I did? I sang 2 songs in church in front of the people dem...

I sang:
  • As the deer panteth for the water
  • Power of your love

The pastor`s daughter played the guitar while I was singing and she is so good at it. She then sang both songs in Japanese afterwards...

We then ate, chatted and went home... When I got to my apartment, I completed the packing process...The English speaking man who take us to the English conversations on Wednesdays then took me to the bus stop for me to head for Osaka. The plan was to go to Osaka, take a bus known as the "airport Lemozine" to the airport... then just rest a little in the airport until my flight was ready....

However, when I got to Osaka, I realised that the airport buses run on a time schedule and by the time I got there, I missed the last bus by 5- 7 minutes....Darn it!!!
So I was there in Osaka, walking up and down with these suit cases and people staring mi down as usual. Hey, I actually spotted another black man though... Anyway after making several calls, I finally figured out a plan. I walked back towards the place where the airport buses would wait on people and I actually saw a bus... The bus began to unload people's luggage and I queried if this bus was going to the airport... Di man seh di bus dem stop run and if mi nuh si wah time now ... luckily there was a guy there who spoke English, and he told me to put my luggage in this locker thingy which was very state of the art...but yuh haffi pay fi use it. Thank God him help mi out... After dat now I had some food at Mcdonalds because I was starving, then I wandered around trying to find a 24 hour internet cafe... I saw a lady and I asked her where could I find one... She then walked with me for about 3 minutes and showed me where to find it. So thats where I am now, updating this blog when I should be sleeping....This internet cafe is a very viable option to a hotel...in these cafe you can sleep, get free drink and use internet for a relatively low cost... although is a couch a sleep pon yuh still get your own private quarters ... sugoii ne (Amazing isnt it?) ...

Anyways again, not sure when will be the next update suh likkle more...


K. said...

Good luck traveling Dave.

Keep safe!

luciana said...

hey d. hope all goes well. awaiting continutation to day 130

james P said...

hi dave my name's James im from england and i want to be a JET, how much money would i need to start of with.

Email me back at Jamespaul94@live.co.uk plz