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Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 139 - Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 139

I slept on the plane going to South Korea and the flight took 9 hours to get to Osaka. In South Korea I converted some of my Euros to Won (Korean Currency), then bought some souvenirs there. When I got to Osaka, I joined this long, non-Japanese citizen line. In the line, there was this Japanese customs man checking out our passports and stuff. When he got to mine, he told me to join a special line which was empty :-D... Now when I joined this empty line, there was this other customs guy there. He was like "No no no, go back into the long line"... Of course I was now getting cross and hangry :) ... then he checked my passport and was like "Ohh ohh sorry my yute gwaan through" ... I then went through the nothing to declare line and the "check your luggage guy" was asking me "Why are you in Japan?" ... I then said to him, with a very very angry look on my face "Eigo sensei !!!"(English Teacher- you fool !!!) ... After this, he didnt even open my luggage, he just touched the zipper of one of the suitcases (I guess to not let things look too bad) and then told me to go through....

After I was out of this place, I went to the currency conversion place and converted back most of my euros to yen then went to the Post Office ATM and withdrew some money from my account. I then took back the airport Lemousine bus to Umeda-Osaka, which I think is like the central part of Osaka. I now wanted to go and buy myself a Playstation 3, so I locked up my luggage then went to ask some questions about where I could find Yodobashi Camera. Thats the name of this HUGE store that sells ONLY High-Tech electronic stuff. It has several floors and each is for a differnt set of items... like floor 1 for only cameras, Floor 5 for only cell phones, floor 3 for only games etc etc ... So I asked this guy where is it located, and he followed me to the place. We then started to talk and he said he was from Brazil originally but is a citizen of Korea and works in Japan???? This guy speaks, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and English to blow wow... He then offered to buy me a beer and help me out with purchasing the Ps3... He said he is married to a Korean woman who is doing her Phd and has 2 children... This guy is only 27 just like me.... I almost instantly started to feel like a failure... This man speak 5 languages, has 2 children, seems relatively comfortable and is married to a KOREAN lady that is completing her Phd.... A KOREAN LADY!!!!!! Koreans I was told are even worst than Japanese when they are choosing a partner, and are even harder to please... because they grow up with certain values, one of which is that they should be totally pampered in every way by men... And that men should spend a whole lot of money on them... (Plus Asians in a general sense dont normally go outside of their race) ... Thats what I was told .... Now this guy just look normal and had on a cap which was turned back way, with this back pack. He is very short and is dark skinned like myself but his hair is a little straight like Indian hair....

I had to ask him how in the world he got married to a KOREAN girl??? He then said he himself dont even know how it happened. He is a graphic artist but he studied Economics... Any way he showed me where to get the PS3 BUT they only had the Japanese Region PS3 in stock... :( :( :( ... I was very sad, but I guess I still have time to buy one... After this me and the bredrin looked around on some more stuff in yodobashi camera. I then went in heavy rain to take out my luggage but I could not get out one of them. This was because my cell phone battery died and I have to call this number with my celll phone to get back my luggage. So now I had to cross the road again in the heavy rain, to go back to yodobashi camera and get my phone battery charged... After 20 mins my battery was charged and I called the number to get my luggage. I now had to rush to catch a shinkasen train (The very fast trains) that would take me to Okayama. The train took about 50 mins to get there and when I got there I had to rush to purchase a ticket to catch the very last train to Niimi. I caught these last 2 trains like a couple a seconds before they were going to drive off. Plus remember I was carrying 2 suitcases that were quite heavy.... Next time I will try my best to pack a little lighter... But anyway, thank the Lord. I called the English conversation man to pick me up at the train station in my area at about 12 midnight... When I got off the train, I had to struggle with my luggage out of the train and down the steps etc... Luckily the English conversation man met me in the train station area and he took me home.... Darn this was a long day...

When I got home, I unpacked a few stuff then Dived Deeper into my bed :-D


Bjorn J. said...

Geezz my yoot...dat is some serious travelling i am gettin tired jus readin about it lol

Suzanne said...

Dave...u a travel very regila!!