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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 152 - Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 152

Today I thought I was just going to sit in the apartment and idle the day away. But noooo bills had to get in the way. So I went to the bank, lodged some money (trying my best to start saving now after Germany trip), then withdrew some from the post office ATM. I then went to the 100 yen store to purchase some stuff then paid my water rate. I think I should just forget about these Japanese getting used to seeing me in the area because my friends who are here for years (who are white, said they get stares all the time. So now me being possibly the first black man ever to enter this area (or so the Japanese here make it seem), should not expect any less stares.

I went back to my apartment and fell asleep while trying to watch a movie. When I woke up, I hurried to bible study.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I watched the female 100 m finals and is peer noise I was here making in the apartment. Mine sharp dem run mi out a di area lol ... At bible study, they started questioning me more about Jamaica and saying congratulating me and my countrymen/women :) ... they are amazed by us... My bible study leader then asked jokingly, "Are there many things to RUN from in Jamaica?" and everyone erupted in laughter including myself. Is a pity she dont know the half. I then said to her, "Yes, thats exactly why I am here"

Tomorrow I have an assignment from my workplace, which is to boldly go somewhere that I have never gone before. So I am sure, tomorrow will be another epic adventure in the life of Dave... If you think your life is full of adventures and surprises, try mine for 1 day... Tomorrow, I should go to this place name Maniwa to teach some Japanese teachers, basic English phrases. I have to do it because I made a deal with my boss so as to get him to change my vacation dates, which allowed me to go to Germany. However, I have no clue where this place is. My company emailed me a map in wonderful Japanese and some information about what to teach, along with a message saying "Make sure you get there on time, if you get lost, call us"... And thats all the help I got... What a wonderful company I work for, dont you think???

Hey Stewart, I was speaking to both Pantons yesterday. You notice I distinctly said HIGH SCHOOL girls. so again, dont badda wid di foolishness.


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....you a teacher you know. Teach the high school girl dem bout running from things man :)

Stewart said...

LOL rofl

I didnt read the part about high school girls. Sorry Dave lol.

Why you giving the japanese people such a bad idea of jamaica bout we have things to run from... Its bad but jeez...

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, this company had me go on an adventure the other day called "get a japanese license, asap!" I tell ya. It was like an getting interrogated my the CIA! It took hours of questioning and whatnot just to have to now wait for the scary "all in Japanese" phone call to schedule to come back (*_*) I feel scared from all that I hear a driving test in Japan can be.


Royalti said...

Now, what looks more GOLDEN than dem 3 girls? As Melaine Walker's sister said in interview "mi glad til mi sick!"
Road a fix an tink in their honour, a really wonda if nutten caah gwane wid a raise in di pay fi wi Dave, what u think? Mayb Usain afi BOLT thru di TV sceen first...LOL