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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 168 (1st English Convo After Holiday Break) - Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 168 (1st English Convo After Holiday Break)

Right so, today at work was pretty normal.. Had 3 fun classes then was bored out of my wits. Later, I went to the supermarket area to get a gift for a friend.
After this, I went home then to our Wednesday English conversation thing which was the first since summer vacation... I don't know how this English conversation thing is spelled in Japanses but its something like Eikiwa is that right Stewart, or Neil or Kayoko or someone who know Japanese???

Hey Luciana, to this day I still have a bitter feeling about England although I have a couple a really good friends who live there or is from there...I would have to ask one of them if they know of any Baptist Churches in the area that you mentioned....I have that bitter feeling because they turned down my application for a visa in 2005 when I was to attend a conference... Ever since that I am just bitter about the incident... Even one of my closest friends, Andrew Gushman who I think you know, actually lives there...


xK1 said...

Close, it's "eikaiwa" (英会話 in kanji, えいかいわ in hiragana).

luciana said...

they really turned u down? woow. for a conference? that is weird though. Well please find out i was google some and i saw a few near to my school, but u know when it comes to church u need to get recommend. dont want to end up going to nuh cult.

remember essex, colchester. preferably near to university of essex