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Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 189 { Paper Plane Ceremony } - Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 189 { Paper Plane Ceremony }

Now I am sure that there are only a few places on earth where they keep a paper plane competition ceremony... Well guess what?? One of my schools in Japan happends to be one of them. Am I not lucky to be here? These schools I must admit bring out the kid in me, especially because I teach elementary school kids. Then the principal and teachers dont make it any easier, because they all act like big kids, generally speaking.... They asked me if we do this kinda thing in Jamaica???? I said yes we make the paper planes, but not have a competition and a mini ceremony.... I must admit that it was fun and all the kids went and threw their paper planes to see whose plane would go the furthest. The teachers wanted to see how we made our paper planes, so I had to make a paper plane (The last time I did this was probably 16 years ago) which was done slightly different from how they do theirs...

After this I taught my classes then went home then to the English conversation thingy... It was only a few of us but it was still good.

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