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Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 196 { Lonely } - Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 196 { Lonely }

Boy I must admit that since it touched the six (6th) month mark of being in Japan, I suddenly started to get the feelings that I was getting when I just got here. I am starting to feel a little lonely and a little depressed again, as much as I am kinda having fun and there are people here to hangout with occationally. The worst part is thinking about winter and the impending cold that follow suit. I kinda get depressed especially after teaching my classes and I have absolutely nothing to do afterwards. Then to add to it, I only got 60 % of my pay for September, because in August we didnt work. I luckily paid up all my bills but had to ask my landlord if he could allow me to pay only half of the rent and pay the rest next month...and he was really cool about it.

I went to the English Conversation thingy today with 2 other JETs and we listened the Japanese guy who introduced this thing to us, tell us about his experience in New York the other day. We then did a little karaoke thing, but the words of the song were on paper instead of a screen.


jamel said...

sorry to hear that you feelin that way Dave. its perfectly normal to get the blues as the weather changes. i wouldnt throw in the towel. but hey, you know yourself, do what it healthy for you. that includes keeping up those social contacts. use up the skype, my brotha, and get some warmth from yaad. you not in this thing alone, bro. blessings!!!

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Bwoy Dave...me know it must ruff.
I can't imagine have a bill to pay and having to ask for time to pay it - as a man, I know it must ruff. But guess what...better must come.

Derri said...

Hey Dave, as di song say " ting already betta..."and thats what yuh have to hol on to. When you feeling lonely jus memba the Lord is always there with you and because of Him yuh have a host of ppl who may not be physically there but have you in their prayers and are there wit you every step of the way...

praying for a bearable winter... Blessings

davay colly said...

Thanks guys