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Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 197 { Long Soccer Night } - Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 197 { Long Soccer Night }

Went to my Thursday school that I love so much, then went to my barber lady friend and again she and her mom had to trim me. She said everytime she trim my hair, she gets nervous. She did kinda bring in the front line of my hair too much but its not too bad and people who are not of my race don't even notice...

Went soccer today with the kids at 6 then one of the trainers asked me to stay back and play more soccer with some guys my age group... They weren't all that good and they made me look like a super star on the field...And hey Richard I really need to video a segment of ME piling some bwoy and show yuh seh mi a big balla :) ..... Yeah so I was the star of the show against these guys. There was also a Japanese pair of twins and one name .. listen this ... 'A' and the other's name was ... yes you guessed it 'B' no this is not a story Im making up..those are their actual names... Well thats what they told us... So yes we played soccer until about 10 pm then suddenly the guy who train the kids told me that I have to pay 1000 yen every month for this...Now this is the thing I cant stand with Japanese people... Why didnt this man tell me about this 1000 yen fee from long time so maybe I could either run him weh or make the decision to stay??? He waitied until I already enjoyed myself then just pop up with this surprise... Any way, I drove home a bit upset about it then my mom called me... It seem like she was trying very hard to get in touch...then when she finally did, she telling me bout I need another number just in case?????? Apparently she forgot about leaving a message after the tone purp ( tone sound) .. So I had to remind her of that... And she knows I will call her afterwards...

Well any way laterz

1 comment:

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave....u need to video it cause me know that i will buss u salad easy so show me how good u be :)

Anyway, i wouldn't have paid the money...especially since u don't have any and asking for time to pay rent...you have to be assertive.