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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 216 { Feeling Sick / Remembering Panama } - Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 216 { Feeling Sick / Remembering Panama }

Today the English coordinator at this school forgot to stamp my paper, so I had to hunt her down when work was over. Another teacher went to call her for me fromoff the playfield and she was apologising profusely like what most Japanese do...

Recently, I am starting to feel sick again :( :( I guess the change of climate is taking effect... I am coughing and sneezing and all that jazz aah bwoy....So I went to bed at about 7pm and woke up back at about 12 midnight.

I remember yesterday when we were talking after bible study, and I was telling them a little about my visit to Panama last year. Panama borders Costa Rica at one end and Colombia at the other....What I heard seperates Panama from Costa Rica is a bridge. While there is 200 miles of jungle and swamp that separates Panama from Columbia known as the Darien Gap. I heard that this area is full of different tribes as well as Columbian drug Lords. I also heard that there is a boulder used to determine the Panamanian side different from the Columbian side... But it is said that ever so often the boulder moves more and more over to the Panama side, which would mean that Panama is getting smaller and smaller... lol ... Who is moving this boulder, nobody knows for sure, as there is no evidence of who is doing such...As much as many assume, and it is a plausible guess that it is the Columbian drug Lord's doing, nobody is willing to investigate the matter....

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