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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 217 { I want a Dog } - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 217 { I want a Dog }

Still feeling a little down and sickish today, darn I can't take this and I refuse to go to a doctor when I have a couple a tablets here. Plus more than likely the Japanese doctor going to tell me that everything is fine...Even if you go to them looking as if you are half dead, they are still going to tell you that everything is fine???? I hope these vitamin tablets, panadols and a little football playing do the trick...

I went to the usual Wedneday English conversation thingy this evening. There is this lady that comes occationally and her son is half Turkish and half Japanese. This kid is totally out of control and is high on sugar it seem. I don't know if thats because he is a kid, because his parents let him do as he feel or because there is a genetic imbalance between the Turkish and the Japanese race... But this kid is out of control...

So I wanted to purchase a dog from my friend Andrew because I love dogs. I proposed this idea to my mom about a special breed dog in my house at Jamaica ... My mother laughed me to scorn and said she would rather a mixed breed (Mogrel) dog that is much easier to handle. She said we would have to pay too much money to maintain the dog I wanted and plus it would mess up the place way too much. She said she would rather the mongrel because it would roam freely over the open lot/playing field (there are many empty playing fields in my area of Jamaica) with the other dogs and we would not have to care too much for it. Plus that dog would rather leave its mess at other people's gate instead of ours.... Now what type of reasoning is that ???? LOL!!!

Any way later...

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