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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 225 { Food from Jamaica / Reggae loving Japanese } - Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 225 { Food from Jamaica / Reggae loving Japanese }

Food from Jamaica

Finally my package arrived after 2 weeks of waiting...Yes 2 weeks ago my mom and sis shipped off a bunch of food items for me via DHL...and this should only take about 4 days to get to my location....Oh boy, last week Sunday when I checked DHL website and punched in my tracking number, I realised that package kept showing delayed for clearance in Tokyo , I had to give them a call to ask them whats going on... So they told me that they don't normally import beef and some food inspection guys need to check out my stuff. I was a little upset because I was wondering why is it stuck in one place for more than 5 days, when it should take less than 5 days to even reach my apartment. Unfortunately, the persons who were speaking to me didn't understand English very well but they said that they will tell the other persons to speed up the process...
So yes the package finally came today even though when I came from work, they left a note for me to call them back, because they came and I wasn't at my apartment... When I saw the lady come with the big package in her hand, it was like heaven opened up and smiled on me :D ... HORAYYY Jamaican food stuff!!!! Well some American food stuff was in there too but no problem :D Suddenly it felt like Christmas in my apartment...

Shortly after this, my landlord called me, I was wondering if he was calling me about rent, which he has never ever done before, I am the one who is always calling him to come for his money. He called me to tell me that one of his daughters want me to teach her and one of her friends reggae music... So I said NO PROBLEM :D :D :D ... Hey my landlord daughters are exceptioanlly beautiful...This daughter in particular has 2 children and you would never ever figure that out...as she is very slim and her stomach is really flat...how do they do this???

Reggae loving Japanese

My landlord then said that his daughter will be picking me up at about 8 pm... Eventually she came to pick me up and she was asking me a bunch of stuff in Japanese.. Luckily most of the questions were simple and I could easily answer her... She brought me to this karaoke bar place that was playing a whole lot of reggae music, then I remembered that I came to this exact bar with my landlord on Day 11 and realised that her friend who she wanted me to teach her (i thought) reggae music with, was this DJ, selector fat guy.... Then suddenly after she was in the karaoke bar place with me and this half drunk Japanese guy for only 10-15 minutes she said...Ohh I have to go now!!! I was like WHAT!!!! Then I figured out that it wasn't she who wanted to learn the music stuff its her friend who is this fat Japanese dude... Here I am a little disappointed thinking that I was going to teach 2 beautiful Japanese girls, reggae music, and it turned out that it was only this one Japanese guy... Why did I even assume that her friend was another Japanese girl??? High hopes maybe...SO I missed my lovely Thursday football to teach this guy reggae music, and it turned out that it wasn't even the reggae music he wanted to learn, but moreso Patois (Jamaican dialect)...

He eventually came out with an exercise book, a pen as well as 2 text books that had......listen this ... Patois to Japanese translation... I was shocked to say the least...that I had to take pictures of these books...I never knew something like this existed... So I taught him a few of our statements and he also wanted me to use them ina sentence for example.....

Waah gwaan (Patois) - What's going on/How are you (English) - Genki desuka (Japanese)

Mi cool man/mi aahright/mi criss man (Patois) - Im ok/Im fine (English) - Genki desio (Jap)

He evenually called one of his reggae dancing Japanese friends to meet me. This guy knows all of the latest dance moves and even created a few of his own... I could not believe it...these guys seem to be very knowledgable about our Jamaican culture in terms of music and dancing... I guess eventually it wasn't so bad afterall because they made me laugh a whole lot and we had a pretty good time. They eventually dropped me home at about 12:30 Friday morning.


Faithlyn said...

Wow...send me some a u food nuh. One tin a bully beef in China cost $370.00 jamaican dollaz.

Deneice said...

We are still waiting on our box (sent via Jamaica Post) and are mostly praying that everything arrives as sent.

BTW, we actually got a scolding from a Japanese girl for coming to Japan to teach English instead of Jamaican (or Patois).

This girl has studied music and cooking in Jamaica and now she performs (dub-style I think) and cooks and sells various Jamaican meals in Yokohama. She speaks Patois very well but very little English and insists that we should move to Yokohama as people there are so desperate to learn Patois that they are buying books and trying to teach themselves.

Alesta said...

Bwoy me still trying to understand why these other countries so crazy bout the way we talk. It's amazing