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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 240 { Mimicking / No Help Needed } - November 14, 2008

Day 240 { Mimic / No Help Needed }

Happy birthday Donna and Danielle mi twin fren dem...

Went to the bank this morning before I went to work. I went there to lodge some money to my Jamaican account. When I got to work, the office lady said she saw me in the bank. The grade 3-4 teacher told me that there will be some sort of festival and acting thing, where the grade 3-4 kids will attempt to mimic how I teach in the classroom. Why is it wherever I teach, the students want to mimic my actions??? They did this to me at Garmex for an event... But I am yet to see it.

While on the computer today at this school, I received an email from my company asking us to fill out this form for some tax returns business... At least they are contacting us in an attempt to assist with something this time... So I asked the vice principal for permission to print... She decided to come and help me... while she was there beside me, I told her that I understood none of the Japanese that is on the attached PDF file...This was in no way to ask her for help or anything like that, because the instructions for what to do were there in English as well.... The lady told me that she didn't understand the stuff either.... Hmmmmm Really!!! I found that so strange.... The thing was in pure Japanese and it was some simple stuff like name and address etc..and she didn't understand????? interesting... I am sure she thought that I was going to ask her for help so she decided to basically tell me "I cant help you" without me even asking!!! But no harm...all is well ...

Went to the Friday English conversation with the lady who keep bible study... There is this girl that attend and she is in love with Jamaican music. But like so many Japanese in this area, I am the first Jamaica she was meeting in person... There is also this high school girl who started coming to the English conversation on Fridays, and today she felt the need to wear a sweater with the rasta colours and a weed leaf on the front part of it that reads "No weed, no life" ... aaah bwoy the connotations that are attached to Jamaica internationally...The lady that keeps the bible study, gave me a heated container thingy though that I heard is very good in the winter time. All I need to do is pour the water into the container and keep it at the end of my bed.. It will warm up the futon for the entire night.

Stewart, I know that the dame has no H for Day 235 ... but I am sure that if you say dame, people that speak English and dont know Japanese will pronounce it similar to Dave... By the way how is your Kanji coming on??? I can't bother trying to study Kanji at all...

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