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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 258 { Worried Sensei } - Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 258 { Worried Sensei }

At the grade 1 class today, I forgot to make up a Christmas story for the kids...So guess what??.. I made up a Christmas, Santa Clause story right there on the spot... I guess because I had pictures and because they dont really understand English....They loved it very very much... They teacher even thanked me for such a wonderful story...

Today I got observed at the grade 6 class that was giving me some problems. First thing in the morning, the class teacher called me right after my first class, for us to quickly run through the planned lesson for today... This teacher has never done this so early since I started teaching here in April. The thing that was so annoying about it, was that its the same exact thing that he told me last week, he was repeating, as if he thought I would forget... Not only that, but its a similar way we teach this class every single week... So Why is he re-emphasising stuff now that we are going to be observed??? You could see that he was freaking out big time... I had to tell him that everything will be fine and that he should calm down...

At the time of observation, the observers came in slowly and sat down.. The observing staff were mostly from a Jr. High school that was nearby inclusive of my Chinese friend JET ALT. There was also the 6th grade teacher and the principal from my furthest Friday school.. ... When I started the class, the place was super cold and the Japanese teacher was sweating in the cold... I still can't understand why this guy was so nervous... I wasn't nervous at all. I only felt sorry for him...
I think the class went well and the kids behaved very well also, maybe because they too were nervous it seem.

After this I went home and slept.. I forgot to mention from Friday that I have completed my loan payment to my company Horayyy...So I don't owe them a yen now... I only need to complete my 1 year contract and make up my mind if I am renewing or not .

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