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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 279 { Christmas Choraling in Japanese } - Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 279 { Christmas Choraling in Japanese }

My barber, invited me to a Christmas choral thing about 2 weeks ago, which should be held in Tojo, which is about 40 minutes from my home town. I invited one of my friends.... plus the other ALT that live on my apartment complex, asked for a lift with us. So we all went together to meet up with my other Japanese friend from the Wednesday English conversation classes. We went into the building where the choral thing was being held a little after it already started. The place was packed so the 4 of us had to sit at the front. Of course you know, everybody was staring at us walking in a bit late, in addition to being foreigners... About 10 minutes after we sat down, kayoko from the English conversation started to nod into sleep. then shortly after, Ayumi who dropped us there started to nod off as well. I was like "aah, I guess they are really tired and/or really bored".... I didn't bother to ask them which was it...

After the choral concert thing, Kayoko took us to an ice cream shop which was wayyy deeper in the country side of Tojo. Maybe like 15-20 minutes of winding country road... We saw the signs directing us to the ice cream place, but there was no ice cream place to be seen after a long time... When we reached, the place had a bunch of cows (supporting my argument from Day 203 that Japan is full of bullshiteru?? - Shiteru means "to know" or "do you know" or something to that effect).As well as a playground for kids..
The icecream there was very delicious...thanks Kayoko :) I know you are reading this...But why were you making the cows lick my camera? and know that I would put it on my blog? LOL ..Ok no problem at all ;). After this we went back to our homes...

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