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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 303 [ Facebook Bombardment/Pretend as If you dont know me ] - Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 303 [ Facebook Bombardment/Pretend as If you dont know me ]

So today I went to the dangerous snowy school.. I had to be driving slow because there was snow everywhere and the place was very white. But strangely enough, I remember a driver speeding pass me on the snow road...
A teacher gave me a snow boot to go outside where the kids were skiing... I went out there and I sank in the snow a coupe a times...The height of the snow as about 50 cm ... They told me that it sometimes get as high as 1m... Ohh boy, maaybe I am going to have to beg them to change this school next year... The teachers said they will take me skiing on January 30... So I am kinda looking forward to that...just for the experience... They said though that I am going to have to rent ski stuff plus I need to buy a skiing goggles thing...

So later on I went to the 100 yen store :) to see if they sold skii goggles there... I saw this guy that my landlord introduced me to on 2 different occations... when I saw him in the 100 yen store, I told him hello and was about to ask him how is everything... This man looked at me like " who in the world is this guy???" and he was there just staring.... I simply turned away and went about my business... Now I met this man twice and as much as I know that many Japanese have similar features and almost always resemble each other.....I have been here long enough to recognise who is who and memorise their faces....On the other hand, I am the only black man around so if you see me once, there is no mistake in who I am... So I am not sure what was up with this guy at all.... Anyway, luckily I saw this high school guy who is in love with reggae music and the Jamaican culture, along with his other friends... I didnt see them initially but then I heard a voice said "I love Reggae" of course you know, this had to catch my attention...S I went over to them and we were talking...I told him I was looking for the ski goggles thing...He said he have a whole bunch of them and he can give me one of them... So we agreed on when we should meet.

So since I added these 2 "Japanese people doing Jamaican dances" videos to my facebook profile



... To date I have recieved approximately 200 or more friend requests...But why??? I don't get it.... only because of 2 videos??? Each day I see like 25- 45 people requesting to be my friend... How can I capitalise from this??? hmmm since I saw this I started to think about possible business ideas :)


mehta said...

Commendable work dear!

I need your valuable feedback on:



zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...how u a sound like u a go stay 2 year?

Anonymous said...

I think there are several reasons for the bambardment.
1. Lack of exposure to the Japanese reggae scene. Its amazing to see how they do everyting from di garisson. Don't tell me it didn't shock you too.
2. You could become a possible outlet medium for the reggae market. Any serious business person would consider ointo that market. But language is the barrier....you could be the next hot thing.
3. Your a Jamaican living half way across the n.......thats interesting and exciting. You now have 200 new people that could read your blog.

So stop di noise an big up yu self....yu have nuff wannabe fren...including me!! =)