Day 307 { Presentation on Jamaica 2 / Radio show Program 2 } 10 MONTHS - Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 307 { Radio show Program 2 /Presentation on Jamaica 2 } 10 MONTHS

10 months in Japan my friends and it seem like I am going to stay another year... The second program of my radio show started today, you can listen to it at CAMNET.JP/RADIO again it is Crazy ok!!! ... and I talk very slowly to aid the none English speakers. On this show, I interviewed my very good friend from University, Andrew Dennis.

After work today I went to pay my water rate then I did a presentation at the Tuesday English conversation that I normally attend. My presentation was about myself and about Jamaica. None of the usual ALTs showed up at all. However, the new ALT from Zimbabwe came, as well as this other guy from Indonesia who I invited. Did anyone know that Indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world???

Anyway my presentation about me, included some of my baby pictures as well as some of the pictures of a couple of my friends. My presentation about Jamaica was pretty much the same thing I did on day 255. They seemed to have enjoyed it a lot, and a couple of questions were fired my way... inclusive of several questions totally unrelated to what I spoke about :) but thats no problem. Some of the persons were there figiting, twisting and turning before they asked me a question, and I had to force it out of them.

After the presentation, I invited the Alts in the area to a little bar place where they could meet the new ALT guy. A couple of the Alts showed up but a few didnt. I must admit that it feels a little better that there is another ALT here outside of Canada and the USA. I am not sure how long he will be staying though.