Day 312 { Frozen Water in Car } - Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 312 { Frozen Water in Car }

Got up in the morning to go to church, but my car couldn't start. I tried turning the key several times but it still could't start. Then shortly after, I saw smoke coming from the bonnet. I thought this was it for my car... But I waited a while then opened the bonnet, pulled off the radiator cap and the cap of the coolant reservoir...only to realize that there was ice inside the radiator cap which means some of the water in it was frozen...
I stopped using coolant for a while now because of the leak in my radiator...And I forgot to stop pouring water in the coolant reservoir when I realized the radiator is some of the water in the reservoir was also frozen... I had to wait a while again, then finally the car started to respond... I am going to have to get some coolant pretty soon.

Later in the day I started playing pokemon diamond on my nintendo DS (Emulator)...why did that guy bother to tell me about this...Any RPG games like pokemon and final Fantasy can cause me to lock away from the world for hours...I can't allow this to continue at all.


Dave - water instead of coolant in a place where snow mad.
You need anti-freeze.