Day 315 { Soon Get Jerk Chicken } - Wednesday, February 28, 2009

Day 315 { Soon Get Jerk Chicken }

Today my car took a while to start and the muffler was smoking up the place. I then had to rush to work. The people there know that my car giving problems, especially when the time is really cold, so all is well. While going back to my apartment, this old man who was driving towards me on the opposite side of the road, did a sudden turn infront of me... I cant tell you the words that were in my mind to say to him. There are too many old drivers here trust mi.
I later went to the gas station and got the coolant and also bought 1 liter for myself just incase my car start to act up again.

The nutrition told me today that they will prepare a Jamaican menu about February 20... She said she will prepare Jerk chicken and rice and peas... I wish they could do this more often... Seriously