Day 318 { More Car trouble/ Vacuum Cleaner / Kotatsu Chair } - Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 318 { More Car Trouble / Vacuum Cleaner / Kotatsu Chair }

The lady that keep bible study on Mondays, followed me today to a gas station to check out my car. The gas station people said it seem as if my radiator is ok. I wanted to buy the stop leak thing but they didnt have any. She then followed me to the place where I changed my car tyres. They looked at the car for about 30 - 45 mins then gave it back to me saying that its not the radiator that is problematic, but the Water pump. They said it would cost about 60,000 yen (Approx. US $600) to fix it. I thought that was ridiculous, especially since I had to pay exactly that amount for the car.

I then met the Zimbabwaian guy in joyful where we ate with a Japanese female friend. We then all went to an electronic store to check the prices of Vacuum cleaners. On our way there, we noticed that my car started to leak coolant AGAIN...seriously I don't know what to do!!! ... I then hissed my teeth and went to a home depot type store name Juntendo, with the 2 other persons and I purchased a small vacuum cleaner and a kotatsu chair. Later in the evening, the bible study lady called me and said she thinks I need a new car, which I totally agree with. she even gave me a website where I could purchase second hand cars... The cars on the site are relatively affordable and they look ok, but right now I refuse to spend another cent on a car in Japan. Especially since I am trying to save to visit Jamaica.


Dave....will u be able to sell ur current car to afford the next one?