Day 320 { Are They Crooks??? } - Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 320 { Are They Crooks ??? }

Today I went to the crooks who I bought my car from through my company. I think this is a crook company because every single one of the ALTS in Niimi that drive, got their car from this company. But, for some strange reason in a matter of 3 - 4 months our cars start to act up, some worst than others... Another thing is that, not even a single Japanese friend that I have in this area, knows about this company. I wonder why my company use them... Hmmmm....
I forgot that I was to pay these crooks 15,000 yen for the snow tyre since the end of December. I remembered when I saw the lady that work for the crook company at the Mazda car shop that put on my snow tyres. Apparently, this Mazda car shop place is also full of crooks.
So yes, I went to the place to pay them the money I owed ...and at the same time I showed the owner that the coolant was leaking from my car...They went on the phone and called back the same Mazda car shop to get an estimate that I already had of 60,000 yen... They then called my company to translate the information...

I explained on the phone that the car was possibly faulty since the day I got it...I also told the lady at my company that I am not going to pay 60,000 yen when I had to already pay 60,000 yen for the car...The lady at my company then told me that I have to make a decision... It then dawned on me that I had a couple of friends around here who could help me out and where I can get a second opinion... So tomorrow I plan to ask a friend to take me to another car shop or somewhere for them to check it out.