Day 321{ Another Loaned Car } -Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 321{ Another Loaned Car }

So the winter seem to be coming to an end pretty soon and there is no snow sheduled for now hooray. Although this also means that I may not get to ski for now. The time is still extremely cold though and the sun is very bright during the daytime.

As I said yesterday, I called my friend and he followed me to a different car shop to check out my car. Every single time I am going to drive, I have to pour water and coolant into the radiator and coolant reservoir. I drove behind him to this car dealer/mechanic shop which was about 7 minutes away. They checked the car right there infront of us and they said instantly that the waterpump is bad. The car shop owner then checked my car inspection paper thing and he said that maybe my timing belt is bad as well and needs to be changed. They said it would cost approximately ¥40,000 yen to fix it all... Even though this price too is a little high, its better than the ¥60,000 yen that the Mazda dealer car shop was telling me. I found out later that the 40,000 yen is actually cheap because timing belts are expensive. They also said I could pay the ¥40,000 yen in 2 parts. Afterwards, they gave me a little weird looking Japanese style car (see pictue above) name Misubishi minica toppo. I don't like how it look at all but hey, in this part of Japan, nobody gives a heck about what you drive. Plus its better than nothing at all.

I then got an email from my company saying that they heard about my car troubles and that it must be hard for me. They added that if I recontract with them, they will give me the ¥60,000 hmmmmm. I just wonder why I have to be dealing with all of this while other persons can simply jump on a train and get to work. Although they have to walk to the supermarket and stuff... I guess it boils down to convenience. But why do they give us these faulty cars???

My female friend then told me that she has a good friend who is selling a car... Its also a weird looking Japanese style car called suzuki wagon R... but the lady is selling it for only ¥50,000. I think I might buy it and try some how to sell this other one or push it off a cliff or something. But look at this, I am possibly getting a car for only ¥50,000 yen but my car cost ¥40,000 yen to fix. My good friend assured me that there is nothing wrong with the suzuki wagon R and that inspection is due maybe in the next 2 years.