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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 322 {Just Too Strange For Me / Dispelling The Stereotypes } - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 322 {Just Too Strange For Me / Dispelling The Stereotypes }

Went to work with the new strange looking car and it was cool except when it does a little push when changing gears.

Later in the day I went again with my Landlord to eat dinner. Every single time I eat dinner with this man, all I can ask myself is "WHAT'S NEXT???" ... Today, he was at least smart enough to allow me to make my own food order... However, he and his friends were forcing me to eat more food after my belly was full. I told them politely "No thank you" .... they made sure to let me know that I should not tell Japanese people "No thank you" because they will get very upset and feel very bad about it..... but we should instead hold out both hands and indicate no while saying ... "No no no" ?????? I should have told them that they should not force foreigners to eat their food then that will spare them the agony of feeling bad about their food....Honestly, no offence to any of my Japanese friends, but to date, in general, Japanese are the strangest race of people I have ever met... Strange in a good way, strange in a bad way and just strange in a strange way.... Any way so my Landlord's friend was giving me some Japanese alcohol (sake) and I had to do the hand motion "no no no" thing... My Landlord then asked me if I know of this Japanese vegetable thing.. I told him "no" ... Ohh boy.. Wrong answer... the restaurant owner went into his fridge to get 1 to show me... not only to show me but to run their crazy experiment...He cut a piece of the thing then asked me to taste it... I told them that the piece was too big... so they cut a tiny piece of it, gave me, then stared me down waiting for me to eat it... I asked them why are they looking at me like that, then they start to laugh like crazy...I tasted it, and it tasted like onion... So thats what I told them....They still can't get it into their heads that our food is far different from theirs. and that not all their foods we like... Why can't they understand this???
Another Japanese old guy was in the restarant and he thought that I was interesting, so he gave me his Japanese style coat. I thought he was joking, but then he went out of the restaurant and never came back. Never in this life time you would probably see a Jamaican do that....

So there are a few things that I am trying to drill in some peoples' heads. But I guess if your mind is already set in one way, no matter what you do or say can change what you think... I am trying to despel stereotypes like the ones below.

1) To the people of first world countries, chielfy Americans, British and Japanese who dont know much about Jamaica. .... Jamaica is not as backward as you think it is...We watch the same programmes on Tv (thats except for the Japanese programs) because we have cable....we can watch all the movies, animes, play all the games you guys play, and buy all the cars that are available in the world... Yes Japanese people, we have many of your cars in Jamaica... almost every time I tell a Japanese person that we have Mazdas and Toyotas in Jamaica, they are surprised....I get the same response when I tell them that I like to play video games and that I like anime....If they should look at the map, America is just right above us...But because they are still thinking Jamaica is in Africa...I cant fully get it through to them...
Yesterday I showed some Americans, a Canadian and some Japanese a picture of Jamaica and I told them that the hotel was Hyltons hotel....They were all shocked that a Hyltons hotel was in Jamaica.... People... Its a tourist destination, I don't know which world wide popular hotel is not in Jamaica... And again to the Japanese people.... Jamaicans are not Africans...most of us are mixed with all manner of races.

To the Jamaicans - Japanese people are not Chinese...... No matter how many times I tell Jamaicans that I am in Japan, they are still thinking China... I wrote something on a video I posted on facebook about Japanese girls dancing...but still I was getting comments about China and how Chinese girls can dance....even though the big Japan is there on the title....bwoy oh bwoy...

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