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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 335 { Leave Request/More about Zimbabwe } - Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 335 { Leave Request/ More about Zimbabwe } - Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My aunt (the mother of my cousin that died) called me today to ask if I can do a part of his eulogy with his sister. I of course told her yes...pending the result of the days I am planning to request from my company... So I sat down and planned out my leave days, then sent in an application for nine (9) days leave... If granted, I would leave for Jamaica on February 25 which is next Wednesday. Then return to Japan on Monday, March 10. I made sure to tell the Italian guy from the Tokyo office that I submitted the application for 9 days leave.

Later, on in the evening, I went to the English conversation stuff and my friend from Zimbabwe and Serbia did his presentation. He mentioned a bit about Zimbabwe's history where it was once a country together with Zambia and had the name Rhodesia. The name was given Rhodesia from this wealthy Englishman back in the days, by the name of Cecil John Rhodes, who was a firm believer in colonialism and imperialism. He started the the diamond company De Beers and if you know anything about Rhodes scholarship, it was named after him as well.

My friend also mentioned about the old president of the then Rhodesia, a man name Ian Smith, who made Zimbabwe become independent of the British Empire. But still, even though it was independent, and had a 90% black population....As with most of these colonial places in Africa back in the day....the white was in control of the government and were the big wigs... So that 90% majority wanted a piece of the cake and therefore rebelled... For 15 years, the government held back the people until some countries like France, and others sponsored Mugabe's cause... Now he is running the country to a wreck and his in the top 10 list of most evil leaders. I think he is at number 4 now http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2006/edition_01-22-2006/Dictators

The Zimbabwean/Serb guy then showed us some pictures of his near death experiences in Zimbabwe... #One (1) while he was climbing some mountain place, fell off, and his friend had to catch him... He said to get to this place, you have to drive for several hours, hike for 1 day then probably climb for half a day... there are no animals or humans there, just nature.
# Two (2) a hippo almost turned over a stalled boat that he and his friends were in. They were absolutely lucky that the boat started back. He said hippos are the most dangerous animals in Zimbabwe. # Three (3) A very big crocodile came after the boat he was in and started to climb in... they had to stick it in the eye... He said one of his friend's got eaten by a crocodile.

After his presentation, an administrative member of the branch of the company I work for, called me at 8 pm... (I was shocked to say the least)...He called me to ask me if I could slash one of the days and instead apply for eight (8) days instead of nine (9) ????? ... I couldn't believe it, Yes a 1 day difference... He also asked me to supply them with internet links about our nine night traditions in Jamaica, so they can build a case to my local board of education...He further said that they may view nine (9) days as too much....I was about to ask if eight days would make a difference but I didn't bother...

Latoya, I just felt like changing the format...no particular reason...what you dont like the new look??? mek mi know suh mi can change it back..


Anonymous said...

its not really that I dont like it..me jus not used to it. I love the colors but it just seems a bit more crowded than before. the other one seemed more organised and easy to follow

wats the difference between 8 days and nine??? and why do they need to build a case?? dem no know the value of family and wat people go thru wen dem lose a loved one??


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...don't lose me number when u come back to Jamaica you know...mi and u will war.

New layout sucks - the blue too light.