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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 337 { Are You Speaking About Me? / Book Flight } - Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 337 { Are You Speaking About Me? / Book Flight } - Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Speaking about Me?

I got to work exactly on time today...And who was that staring at me after we said Ohayo Gozaimasu (good morning) to each other? Both the principal and the vice principal..... I then saw when the principal whispered something to the vice principal while giving me a little stare like the tiger to the left. And I saw the vice principal hold down her head with her long, black hair covering her face, while using both palms to cover her face.... I am still wondering if they were saying something about me... But I would probably never know in this life time.... At least if it was something really bad, I know the company would have called me already...

Booked Flight

I decided to call the company I worked for to ask them if I got to the leave approved. I had to do this as I really didnt want to go ahead and book a flight to Jamaica and not know if they approved my leave. If I didnt call them, I dont know if they would have told me or not. The acting manager guy, or whoever he is, told me that YES it has been approved... So I will get 4.5 days paid and 3.5 days unpaid. Those 3.5 unpaid days might cost me about US $300 or more. Not sure yet and I am not sure how it is calculated.

After they told me that all is well, I called the travel agency (H.I.S Travel - Osaka) and booked my flight to New York... I got an insanely cheap round trip ticket that cost only US 1000.. They have some sort of special going on now... yahoooo what luck... My sister will sort out the New york to Jamaica part of the trip...However, the travel service place wants me to pay for the ticket by tomorrow at 2:30 pm... I need another miracle for that part.


Courtney - Yuh nearly mek mi dead wid laugh bout that indoor shoe thing LOL!!! DWL!!! I laughed so loud in my apartment, I was wondering if the neighbours heard me.

Shirley - I was wondering how come you didnt respond to my mail......but I got your text :) no worries.

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