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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 338 { Internet Radio Show 3/Japanese Jerk Chicken / God is Good } - [11 MONTHS ] Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 338 {Internet Radio Show 3/Japanese Jerk Chicken / God is Good } [ 11 Months ]

Internet Radio Show 3
Yes so the third instalment in my radio show was uploaded today. The aim was to teach Jamaican dialect (Patois) to my friends from Japan, USA and Zimbabwe/Serbia. They didn't quite get all the pronunciations correct but it was soo funny... Again, it may be found at

Japanese Jerk Chicken
At my main school today, the nutritionist lady gave the kids a flyer with some information about me, my family and about Jamaica. She also decided to make Japanese style Jerk chicken with rice and peas for lunch today. The intention was to make the Jamaican style Jerk chicken, but being as there are no Jerk pans in Japan, she had to buy a Jamaican Jerk sauce in the city. I was initially excited about this Jerk chicken with rice and peas, but when I saw how it looked close to white, like it was half cooked, just like the normal way how they prepare their chickens...My anxiety vanished. I was still some how hoping that even though it had that traditional Japanese school lunch look, it had even a slight Jamaican taste..... Not so my friends not so... It tasted almost exactly like the normal Japanese school lunch chicken with just a slight tingling on the tongue from the jerk powder. The nutritionist then told me that the jerk powder is not good for the kids and when she checked the amount of sodium or what not in the jerk powder she decided to use only a little. So she gave me a half bottle of the powder as a present... I think it was more like
"Hey Dave Sensei, I am not really going to use this ever again so you can have it" Well I must admit that Jerk sauce or jerk seasoning or whatever, is no substitute for the real thing done in the Jerk pan.

God is good
I ran to the bank today to pay for the plane ticket. The bank guy that was helping me at the ATM to transfer the money, was speaking pure Japanese....Not even one word in English... All I did was nodded and point on the key that I think he is telling me to press. I then called the travel agency and they told me that they received the funds and they will email me the ticket information. I then got the ticket confirmed in the night soooo all going well... I should be heading for New York this coming Wednesday. I need to also start writing the eulogy for my cousin. I guess tomorrow I will sort that one out.

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