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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 339 { Andre's Eulogy /I Maybe in Trouble/ Naked Man's Festival } - Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 339 { Andre's Eulogy /I Maybe in Trouble/ Naked Man's Festival }

Andre's Eulogy
I stayed in all day today writing my cousin's eulogy. I included most of the stuff that I wrote on Day 327 -Feb 9. It took a little while then I had to stop myself because I remembered that his sister is supposed to do a part of his eulogy as well.

I Maybe In Trouble
Today my friend showed me something on my e- ticket that I didn't realise...I actually booked to come back to Japan on Monday, March 9 when I should be back on Sunday, March 8 to go to work on March 9... Which means I apparently thought I was going to get the 9 days and accidentally booked 9 days instead of 8.. :0
I have no idea how I am going to explain this to my company... Any ideas anyone?? I already sent an email to the travel agent, informing them of the error but I don't know if it can be changed when the date was already confirmed....hmmmmmmm am I in trouble??? Lets find out later on another episode of THE ADVENTURES OF Dave IN JAPAN!!!! .......................................................................Whatever

Naked Man Festival
They had this yearly festival thing in Okayama city today dubbed "the naked man festival" ..... Several females asked me if I was going to attend but I have absolutely NOOOO interest whtasoever in this event... the very name makes me cringe. Maybe if it had a different name, with participants of the opposite sex I would go :)
The event includes a bunch of men, probably more than 500, who try to get a special stick...(Now a man searching for a stick, is another cause for concern.) in the space of maybe 10-20 mins... They all wear some sumo wrestling style clothes and I heard that every year, someone gets killed in this event... I also heard that some members of the infamous YAKUZA is always present there as well.....The person who successfully gets the stick without being killed, will win the following:

1) A stick (I have no interest in this whatsoever)
2) US $10,000 (I have some interest in this but if it involves wearing those sumo wrestling style clothes and have 500 men to contend with, then no thank you)

I saw some photos with about 12 foreigners who entered the event. There was one black guy in the event..He is from Chicago I think and of course, you can't miss him in the crowd. This video on youtube shows something like what the crazy event is like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWee7-fDayk


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

US$10,000 is nuff money Dave. All u have to do is dress up like a Sumo wrestler - come on man. US$10k!!
Me must find dat stick.

Anonymous said...

HEY!! Dave-san.

Its been like forever since I last read up on your blog. And all of a sudden there's all this stuff that has happened.

Are you going to be in Japan next year in the same location? I will be moving up to Yokohama and was thinking of dropping by Okayama around March 25th.

If you gonna be around let me know. I'll visit ya and say "hi".

-Kesha (you remember me?)