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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 340 { Old People Driving } Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 340 { Old People Driving }

Hey Happy Birthday Sheree. Sorry I didn't get to give you a call.

Today while driving to church, this old man made me have to sink my brake pedal down. I was in the left lane line, he was in the right... The lanes would eventually merge into one lane and I didn't want to be driving behind this old man... So I sped up a bit to attempt to drive ahead of him... only to realise that this guy was drifting closer and closer into the left lane, heading for my car and not looking what he is doing. He was staring straight ahead and he was chatting to an old woman beside him. I was so frightened. Niimi has too many old people and too many of them drive...If you reach age 85, why are you still driving on the road?

Later in the evening I went to the ¥100 store then started packing for my long trip....

Hey Kesha, I should be around the 25th of March so you can stop by..its no problem.. and congrats on your transfer... I maybe staying where I am for another year if anything better dont come up... as much as it is very country here. The moving in cost is too expensive to go elsewhere...

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