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Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 376 { Max Payne / Valkyrie } Monday, March 30

Day 376 { Max Payne / Valkyrie }

Actually, I can't wait until tomorrow, because guess what???? It will be PAY DAY!!! And I am like super broke just about now... I do not even have bread in my apartment... I do have some tough crackers from Jamaica though.... I feast on them daily with peanut butter and jam (jelly)...

I didn't even realise that it was March 29 last year I got to Niimi... So I am now officially in Niimi for over 1 year....Wow the year blew by so quickly....But again, going through it day by day seems like forever...

So today I watched Maxpayne with MArk Walberg, which was a little boring... The action and the special effects were very good though... The general story was a little too pridictable... The games were wayyyyyyy better....

I also watched Valkyrie with Tom cruise in the Hitler's Nazi army... That movie was a good history lesson but also was a little boring....After watching these, I went to bible study in the night...

Day 375 { Sam Park Stadium / Crash } Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 375 { Sam Park / Crash }

Today I went to church after like a 2 month break... Less persons than the norm came because most of the high school students are either gone to college or gone somewhere else...

There is a stadium like 2 minutes walk and 1 minute run from where my apartment is.... and there was some sort of softball event being held there... So people from all over Japan came to this little stadium for an all Japan softball competition thingy .... I went there for a walk with my Japanese friend... apparently the matches were over or they were on a break or something... Of course I don't have to mention that while we were walking there were stares from everyone and from every direction....

Later on, I watched a movie called Crash... It was pretty interesting...It had a lot of stuff about racism in America and about different stereotypes like how black people (in America) generally looked at other races and how white people (in America) generally view other races ... I think they should do a film like this, showing how Japanese people generally view other races...I am sure if they had a film like that, many Japanese people would deny the truth. To this day, a couple Japanese people still deny their past atrocities.... Like what they did to the Chinese people in the Nanking or Nanjing Massacre. World history has it as facts but it is still disputed by many Japanese historians and Governemnet officials...Why???

Anyway, Crash was a pretty powerful film and I highly recommend it... It can stir your emotions in so many ways...and there was a lot of truth in it...The plot of the movie was a little strange ... but the general storry and the acting was awesome I think...

Day 374 { Angella's Send Off Party } Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 374 { Angella's Send Off Party }

So the girl from New York who gave the ¥500 to me the other day, did not renew her contract with our company and is planning to go back home...She will be replaced by someone else from I dont know where.... At her little party thing, all we did was played rockband (which was fun actually) and ate.... A couple others were smoking and talking... I kind of stayed away from that area until I was hugging Angella goodbye...

Day 373 { More Mafia Wars } Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 373 { More Mafia Wars }

I was waiting for something interesting to happen before I updated my blog. But alas, nothing too spectacular took place between today and this very moment that I am posting about this day.

So all I did today was stayed in and played more mafia wars....Darn this game.... I can't stop checking it it seem.... .. Later in the night, I went to the Friday English conversations though... and that basically was my entire day... Ohh and I called my company to ask them about my new contract, about what schools I will get this year and about how many schools I will be getting... They said they don't have a clue... So all I can do is sit and wait...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 372 {Branko's Last Day in Niimi } Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 372 {Branko's Last Day in Niimi

Don't mean to be repetitive but, all I did today was stay in my apartment for the day part.... Thankfully in the night, my Serbian / Zimbabwean friend, Branko, was having a good bye get together at one of the American girl's apartment. Branko was helping out one of the other American girls with moving out her stuff, because she also will be leaving pretty soon.... So Branko gave me a call in the night to assist them with the moving business because he already gave back his rented car and the American girl who was moving out had a minor accident with her car.... What a time to choose to have an accident...It was really minor though... I think the underpart of her car got hit on a curb....and there is some friction going on, causing the car to make a strange sound...

Anyway, when I got there, the first thing this girl decided to do was to give me ¥500.... I was wondering what the heck was this for... So I asked her.... She said it was for gas to take her stuff to another friends apartment and pick her up back.... Me and Branko started to laugh because we thought that this was both a little rude and strange at the same time.... I would in no way charge some one who I consider a friend for helping them out in any way.... But at the same time, I hardly ever refuse money and/or good food :) .... So I did let her know that it felt like she was tipping me...and she insisted that it was not a tip.... I asked her how she would feel if I did the same to her... and she could not give me a straight answer....knowing her, she would down right insist that I keep my money.... again that must be a part of her upbringing or something.... Because I do not see the reason behind giving me ¥500 as if I was in need or something of the sort... I told her that I was never so insulted in my life... I gave her back the money but she wouldn't take it.... So I ended up putting it in my coin pan...

I then drove with Branko to the other American girl's apartment and took up the stuff for the ¥500 yen giving girl... Me and Branko then went to pick her up along with a new ALT also from America, from Austin, Texas... She was born in America but she is of Mexican parentage...We all went to the apartment and chatted for a while... The apartment owner came came and joined us... We spoke about all manner of stuff and telling the Mexican/american girl, what to expect in our city as well as what to expect form our company..... I then exited at about 11 pm, mainly because they were smoking too much and it was smelling up my clothes and blocking my nostrils...

Day 371 { So Fast } Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 371 { So Fast }

Can you believe it was last month I started my journey to Jamaica to attend my cousin's funeral? I cannot believe how time is flying so fast...

The coming days are going to be a bit boring I think. Because I am like really broke. Its sad that I am broke at this time because I am seeing some verry cheap airfares to go to some countries like Thailand and South Korea.. I hope these cheap air fares will appear again sooner or later.

Yeah so today I did absolutely nothing except go to the convenient store and faxed my company a copy of my

LOL thanks Richard I wasn't even noticing about the RARED thing...... Oh my..My English is leaving me....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 370 { Visa Extention / New Web Cam / You Still Dont Understand Me After 1 Year?? } Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 370 { Visa Extention / New Web Cam / You Still Dont Understand Me After 1 Year?? }

Today I went to Okayama City to collect my visa extention. I applied for a 3 year extention because many people were doing that, and it would work out better for me if I decide to stay here for 3 years.... If I got the 3 year extention, then I would purchase a multiple re-entry permit that would allow me to travel out of and back into Japan as often as I want for 3 years. If I however only got a 1 year extention, then I would not purchase the re-entry permit today....So I went to the immigration office and they actually did give me the 3 year extention... Horayyy me :) .... So I also bought the multiple re-entry permit as well... In Japan, if you travel out of the country without a re-entry permiit, then you wont be able to get back in...I am guessing that its both a way to make money off the foreigners as well as to give us a hard time....Any way, there were many foreigners there, mostly from Korea and China though... I saw 1 Phillipino girl and 1 very tall girl looking like an African.

After I got the re-entry permit, I went to Bic Camera to purchase a very cheap webcam. I then met my friend at the station and went back to Niimi...As soon as I got in from Okayama city, My land lord gave me a call to say he will be picking me up in 5 mins... He eventually came and I paid 3 months rent which came to about US $1100(Approximately the same amount I paid for my trip to Jamaica)... I also asked him to query my gas bill which is coming up to US $80 per month... I dont know why my gas bill is so expensive when I hardly ever cook.... My friend on the other hand who cooks almost every day, his gas bill is coming up to like US $ 50 there about.... It just seem too strange to me...

My landlord then made me meet his friend and we had dinner at a restaurant.... I told this man to please let me eat curry and rice, yaki soba or another thing called okonomiaki.... He was still persistently asking me if I wanted rare meat... He also asked me if beef was ok... I told ok yes I will take the beef... When I got the beef...The beef was rare beef... I could not eat all of it so he had to give them back to make them cook it some more... Even then it still tasted a little rare... He and is friend were then discussing how I dont like rare food...especially their delicacy Sashimi (Raw Fish). They were basically saying to each other that its quite horrible of me not to eat rare meat...

These men still cannot understand that I am a foreigner after 1 whole year in Japan......More specifically a Jamaican foreigner.... WE DO NOT EAT RARE MEAT IN JAMAICA!!!.... To us it is just grossss!!!! I know it might not have all the nutrients that rare food has, but it taste much better when cooked properly.... Plus rared meat might still have some of the bacteria stuff in it... I dont know what is wrong with them.... Next time I am going to force him to understand my view... If he gets upset, so be it... and no more free food for me...

After a little while... I went to another small bar place where some reggae loving Japanese guys were playing some reggae music... They had all the latest songs and even a record by an artist that me and my sister thought was a want to be DJ... This guy name KC jockey........ I remember some years ago I saw a big bill board sign in Portmore (my home town in Jamaica) with his face on it, promoting his album... When I saw it I was wondering who in the world is that guy... Then while me and my sis were coming from Jamaica to go to New York, my sister sat beside him on the plane... My sister told me that he was trying to start a conversation with her and even gave her his card... She asked him "who are you??" and he said he is an actor and dancehall artist... She said that several times in their brief conversation, he was smiling for no reason.... My sister summed up that it was possibly in order to show the gold caps at the bottom row of his teeth ????????????? She said he just kept smiling through out their brief conversation... Even when there was nothing funny to smile about...

Here are 2 videos of him:

actually these videos are not too bad, especially the first 1 :)

I think this guy is trying hard to get noticed, but unfortunately, not a lot of people seem to know him...

After this I went back to my apartment and my stomach was feeling quite upset... I am assuming it was the rare beef...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 369 { Good Bye Ceremony / Last Day At Work } Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 369 { Good Bye Ceremony / Last Day at Work }

Went to this far school today on low gas...and they had a goodbye ceremony for me.... Awww thats so sweet... They were soooo busy planning this 45 mins event its crazy...They were humming like bees around the place to sort out stuff.... I still had to teach my 3 classes though, then the ceremony started after lunch time...This entire school has only 25 kids ... and at the ceremony, every single kid gave me a present...and every single present was made of paper...I got a bunch of paper chains, a paper bracelet 2 paper made gold medals etc etc.... I looked like a pimp clown at the end of the ceremony.... I wonder what do they expect me to do with all these bulky paper stuff though seriously!!!! Then I got a card from the grade 3-4 class and there was yet another attempt by them to draw a black man.....Ohh boyyyy ..... This one now, looks like a black elf of sorts....I know that if it was Jamaica, the teachers would probably come together and at least give me a coffee mug or something of the sort...Or a clock...I guess in Japan, that is not the case....I get only papers, pictures and the like... Not even something from the ¥100 store... Im not complaining at all...just comparing the cultures...And I do appreciate the time and effort the kids put in to make their paper stuff..

During the ceremony, they made us play this pairs game...where some one call a number and all of us should get in groups of the number that they call.... They also made a representative from each grade give a small speech...and I also gave a 2 minute speech and the vice principal attempted to translate for me...At the end, they all made an arch like what they do sometimes after a wedding ceremony, then I walked through it and all of them said a big THANK YOU!!! Maybe if I didn't shed some much tears over my cousin's death, I would have shed 1 or 2 tears there...But again I somehow cant do that infront of people...And as my friend Richard assumed correctly...I am not the most handsome person if I shed a tear.... I also would not want the kids see me doing that, of fear that one kid decide to draw me at that time.... If I look like that in their drawing attempt when I am happy, I do not want to see what I would look like in their drawing attempt when I am sad...

Later in the day after taking up all the paper stuff that was given to me...I went home then met up with the guy who live on my apartment complex...The principal at one of his schools invited us to dinner with his wife....His wife just happens to attend the Friday English conversation classes that I sit in at. We went to their house and we ate a lot of beef, vegetables and stuff.... What I cannot understand with most Japanese families is that....even when you are full and your stomach cant budge any further...They are still offering more and more food.... I cant quite wrap my head around that....and some times if you refuse, they get upset...Again its culture I suppose...After this, I went to meet a lady who oooh so wanted to try and have a conversation with a foreigner becase she has never done so in her entire life...This lady is like 45 and I am very first non-Japanese who she is having a conversation with...

Tomorrow I will be heading to the city to collect my visa extention...I applied for 3 years extention...but Im not sure if they will give me that...But lets see what happends...

Day 368 { Nothing To Do } - Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 368 { Nothing To Do }

I stayed in for the entire day today... I again missed church because my translator would not have been there. All I did was watch anime and play games and wishing I was at the Jamaican Spring Ting event... But no money, measns no spring ting....Tomorrow will be my last class for the 2008 - 2009 Japanese school year...Then I wait and wait on my company to provide me with details about my schools and my contract and what not.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 367 { Goodbye Party For a Friend } Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 367 { Goodbye Party For a Friend }

Today I also spent the entire day in my apartment until in the evening I went by the lady's house where I go to bible study and the English conversation classes. Her son got into a university that is in an old capital of Japan known as Kyoto... He will start studying English and school will begin for him on April 1. So, his mom and a couple of the persons who come to the English conversation classes, had a little party for him. It involved lots and lots of food, chicken, pork, lots of vegetables and just food food food galore.....Being a hungry belly Jamaican, this was a pleasure for me... I ate what I saw and what I did not see. We then played some rhythmic English games and had a good time.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that, the Jamaican posse in Japan had this yearly event known as SPRING TING!!! It was held in Hiroshima this year, last year, it was in Osaka. I wanted so badly to go, and I even had all intention to go, but I was broke after my trip to Jamaica... Hence, the deadline for payment for it would have been to early for me... The only way I could have attended it, is if it was held in April or there about. I called a friend who was there and she said it was going on wonderful. I am sure I would have enjoyed it, but I was just to broke to even consider it after my trip back to Jamaica. They made a blog for the spring tine event here

Day 366 { 1 YEAR IN JAPAN / Radio Show #4 } Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 366 { 1 YEAR IN JAPAN / Radio Show #4 }

Wow can you believe it guys???? I made it through 1 year of living in Japan and hardly knowing the language!!!! I surprise myself... Can't believe I did it, especially when I wanted to go home so bad after the 1st month or 2... Going through the year it felt like 5 years passed.. But when it got to 1 year...It felt like It was only yesterday I came to Japan...... Yeah its a bit strange I know.....
I find it so weird that when I am in Japan, I miss Jamaica so much...Well more so my friends and family in Jamaica.... But while in Jamaica for my short visit, I felt as if I wanted to come back to Japan, because of the safety... and that was the MAIN reason, nothing else....I thoroughly enjoyed every single day while in Jamaica...

The reason why I took so long to update since Thursday, is because nothing really has happened in the last couple a days. All I did today was stay in my apartment because today was actually another holiday in Japan.... Its the Spring Equinox.... or the beginning of spring...

Also today my 4th radio show is on the internet...again its at


This one to me wasn't as interesting as the last one, because I am just down since my cousin's death and just not really feeling like pushing myself to do anything much now a days... :( But check it out, you might like it more than I do...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 365 { Grade 3 Last Day Party } Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 365 { Grade 3 Last Day Party }

The grade 3 kids at my Thursday school had a little party for me today. They made a cake for me and gave me a sort of certificate thing... I love this class but this school is a little to far for my comfort. The kids actually baked 2 cakes for me...In Jamaica, you probably will never hear of a grade 3 or even a grade 6 kid for that matter, baking, whether under supervision or not.

I was supposed to go play football today, but the gym was closed...So me and the American girl along with the Zimbabwean/Serbian guy went to a coffee shop to sit and chat....The Zimbabwean guy will be moving to bigger city known as Fukuyama.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 364 { Last Day at Main School / Economic Stimulus / Poker } Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 364 { Last Day at Main School / Economic Stimulus / Poker }

Today is supposed to be the last day at me main school for the 2008-2009 Japanese school year. So the grade 2 kids gave me some paper made gifts. Like paper made doughnuts, Mcdonald's fries etc. One grade 6 kid made a tissue box for me, with the Jamaican flag on the top. The other grade 6 kids gave me a book showing their progress from grade 1 through to grade 6. In the book, they attempted to draw a picture of all their current teachers....and ooh boy...they attempted to draw me (see picture of book page)...The picture look like a monster on drug over dose... I could not do anything but laugh when I saw it.... It could be that:

1) Its extremely difficult for the kids to draw a black man
2) They think I look like a monster
3) That kid just cant draw well

I got a letter today that I wasn't sure what it was for...all I knew is that it involved filling out some sort of form... I went to the English conversation class and learnt that it was a ¥ 12,000 economic stimulus package from the government. The foreigners received it as well because we are paying taxes. At the English conversation thing, the 2 American girls that were present, taught us how to play poker... It was the first time I was playing it in my entire life...We used some coins to place bets and so forth and it was quite an interesting game if you get the hang of it... they told us that they are many versions to poker but they taught us this one called "texas hold em" ... It was so interesting, that we ended up staying longer at the place than we were supposed to. I didn't win any of the games but it was fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 363 { Last Day in 2008-2009 For Tuesday School } Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 363 { Last Day in 2008-2009 For Tuesday School }

Today was my last day at my Tuesday school for the 2008-2009 school year... And I just had to have that messed up grade 6 class... Thankfully they are grade 6 and thankfully I don't think I will be teaching them in this setting again as long as I live. Actually the female students are really nice....Its the males that are rotten...The teacher some how got all of them to take a photo together and somehow got them to write on a piece of paper "Thank you" and what not.... One of the girls wrote "I like milk" ....I am already feeling sorry for the English teacher who is going to get the males from this class in Jr. High school.

Day 362 { Influenza } Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 362 { Influenza }

Went to my main school today and about eight (8) of the kids from the grade 3 class got influenza. The grade 3 teacher and the school nurse had to be making dozens of phone calls and they were up and down like ants.

Later in the day, the grade 4 kids all gave me a card with a message and their picture on them. About 12 cards in all... This grade 4 class is one of my favourites out of all. A kid in the class started crying though because she lost in the card game that we were playing. Another little kid started teasing her....I felt like knocking some sense in him but thats not allowed here... The worst thing is that this crying kid is one of my favourite students.

I went to bible study in the evening and gave them some plantain chips. They ate it off in no time... They have never heard of or seen anything like this before I gave it to them. After bible study, I finally submitted my radio show after dragging my feet for a while...I ended up going to bed like 2 am in the morning to complete this crazy show that I am volunteering to do...

Richard ... My Mafia War accounts are:

davecolly at hotmail (this is my main character and I am already in your mafia)

davecolly at yahoo co uk

davay21 at yahoo

davay21 at gmail

If anybody else is a part of mafia wars on facebook...please to add these characters

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 361 { Mafia Wars } Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 361 { Mafia Wars }

So my March radio show deadline to submit has passed.... I am so lazy to prepare this thing, because it takes too long to record and edit it....worst I am not motivated because its a free service....And sometimes I am out of ideas... If only there was something else about it to motivate me, I would have already recorded, edit and send it off... Instead today, I stayed in my apartment the entire day and played this stupid, very addictive game sort of thing on face book known as mafia wars...I hate it, because it makes me keep checking and checking and wanting to develop my character more and more and more... I even have 4 different charachters on this thing, just to see what each of them are going to turn out to.... I guess I will have to start my radio recording tomorrow.

Day 360 { Shopping Spy } Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 360 { Shopping Spy }

Today I went to the main city to conduct a little research thing... ... Ohh I am currently doing this thing where I check out some stores and shops to see how good their customer service etc is. Again, I cannot say the name of the company that I do it under, but its like they get contracts from many big, multinational companies. The contract is for this private company to employ random persons and ask them to do some random shopping or just check out a store... At the end, we submit a report then we get paid..... Yes so its almost like spying... The company we do this under will then send back a report to the multinational company based on our findings....So those who do this, have to be very careful that we try as best as possible, not to make the shop owner people or any of the workers, know what we are doing.... Or else, we will be in BIIG trouble.... But hey, its fun.....

So the job today was to check out a very famous sports store (chances are its one of those that are running through your head now) to see how their customer service is and if the place is well put together etc...Well initially, the store attendant guy was a bit hesitant because he saw a foreigner come into the store... But later he was ok... I spent about 20-25 mins in the store, trying on some very expensive clothes, then I went away.... After this, I visited the Jamaican store in my city to purchase a patois (Jamaican dialect) to Japanese book... I also visited the Jamaican restaurant. I bought stewed chicken, Jerk chicken and rice and peas.... No it wasn't a whole lot of food I got but the food was expensive in comparison to how much we would pay for that same hing in Jamaica.....Afterward I went back to my apartment.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 359 { What? My English Is Good? / Season 2 First Shoot } Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 359 { What? My English Is Good?/ Season 2 First Shoot }

At the school today, the teachers were again telling me long time no see??? I have missed this school for even a month sometimes and they don't say that. The teachers at all my schools so far, are also asking me if I am going to stay at their school another year... Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question as I have no control whatsoever over where I will be placed...We wont even know that until probably a day or 2 before classes resume... That decision has to do with my Board of education and my company...The vice principal at this school said they really really hope that they get me back again this year...At least 2 schools told me that already....Well that makes me feel good within myself that they actually enjoy the crazy things that I do....

One of the grade 1-2 teachers decided to tell me that my English is good and that she enjoys my Tv show...Well, I personally think that I am not all that good at the queen's English but what the heck...I am an English teacher!!! And thats the Language that I speak.... What do you mean by my English is good? Not only that, but this teacher hardly speaks any English... So how does she know that my English is good??? Again, this maybe because many Japanese people only associate English with America, England, Australia and New Zealand. Jamaica???? Whats that??? How much does it cost? Is probably easier for some of them to identify with in these parts of Japan.....

For the grade 3-4 class today, I didn't really teach. But instead, the camera men from my show came to shot a scene at this school... The scene took about 1 hour and a half to do... The kids were even starting to get a little restless....initially they were very nervous infront of the camera men. The show today spoke about some famous sites in the area where the school is located...The kids would say some stuff in Japanese, and I would say its equivalent in English.

The so called famous things are:

1) A weird shaped mountiain known as arato Yama (Mount Arato)
2) A shrine in the area
3) Golden fireflies bundled in a location (see day 118)
4) A beautiful plant known as suzuran (A lily of the valley)

The teachers were being unusually friendly and kind today, maybe because this was my last class for this school term and they don't know if I will be teaching there come April......A couple of grade 1-2 kids also came up to me and gave me an origamy paper bird thing... When I was leaving, all the teachers stood up, bowed several times (Jamiacans please to take your minds out the gutter) and gave me the nod and told me they really hope I come back there this April... I like this school but its just too dangerous if heavy snow falls... Outside of that I am ok with it...

I remember a friend last year said the nice face and good treatment will last only for 6 months...And She was adamant about it...I think in a general sense, all my schools were pretty nice to me throughout the year as far as I can remember. Except once at this same school today, when a teacher fanned me away when I asked her to help me with something.... She seemed very busy though but I mean....you could have been a little more polite....

Day 358 { Long Time No See ??? } Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 358 { Long Time No See ???}

The vice principal at my Thursday school, expressed condolences to me...This lady even though she knows a little English....some how always speak to me in ONLY Japanese...Luckily I catch on to a few of her words and then by assumption, answer her as best as possible in Japanese. I notice that all the teachers at my schools are telling me long time no see... Even though its just a 9 day break I took. But when I come back from summer and winter vacations, they don't say long time no see...Although summer vacation is like 6 weeks and winter vacation is like 2 weeks, they never say it. Hmmm why is this??? Beats me....

A very good friend of mine told me she will be moving to a city a hour away from where I live...She said she is sad but she will have to move because of her job...

Day 357 { Will I Be Re-Contracted? } Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 357 { Will I Be Re-Contracted? }

Happy Birthday Michelle....It was good seeing you in Jamaica.

I went to my main school today and the teachers were quite elated to see me (if they weren't then they did a fine job tricking me). One even stood up and clapped as I entered. I did four (4) classes today instead of the usual three (3) because of my recent absence. I showed a couple of the teachers some of the pictures I took while in Jamaica, and they were glued to the laptop screen.

Later in the day, I heard that a couple a persons were not going to be re-contracted by our company... This means that:

1) They may have to get out of their apartment very soon and possibly get out of the country as well.

2) They may have to scramble to get a job at short notice, in a time when jobs are extremely difficult to come by.

3) They may have to find a new sponsor so that they can still stay in Japan (if they want to stay).... Some persons however cannot afford the fare to go back to their respective countries...

So this is what the company can do to you if you are not careful... They can royally mess you up... Their aim is to make a profit, and if you are not helping them, then you can be fired or not re-contracted... The company don't normally tell the persons why they are not re-contracted either....It can be anything.... ranging from:

1) The company did not get back the contract with the Board of Education in your area
2) One or more of your schools did not like you, or did not like how you did your job
3) The Board of Education did not like you, or like how you did your job
4) The company saw you more as a liability
5) You disrespected someone from one of your schools, the board of education or the company (whether purposefully or not).

It can be any of these things or even more. But you will never find out unless you have some sort of inside link.

I started to worry about myself and if I was going to be re-contracted or not....knowing fully well that I cannot afford a ticket right now to go back to Jamaica..... Not only that, but my Japanese visa will expire on March 20, 2009...Thats 9 days from now... and even though I already applied for the visa extention, I am yet to pick it up from the visa office, simply because I took tooo many days from work already and refuse to ask even for half day more......So technically after the 20th, I would be in Japan illegally.... I need to call the immigration office and ask them how this thing goes... Unnu pray fi mi....

Later in the evening, I finally received my luggage that was left in California... everything was intact and ok...

Day 356 { Back At Work / How Did you Know That? / Another Death } - Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 356 { Back At Work / How Did you Know That? / Another Death }

Yes, back at work today as if nothing happened during the past week and a half...The car felt strange on the road because I got used to driving the more powerful and comfortable car in Jamaica... The classes today went ok, and after work, I went to make my final payment on my car repairs...My company SHOULD reimburse me for this, if I sign their new contract. The people at the car repairs shop then asked me if I went back to Jamaica....... In my mind I was like "how in the world did you know that??". But I was told earlier by my friend that information spreads in this area like wild fire. Especially information concerning us foreigners.

Later on, a sister by my father's side who I keep in touch with, told me via email that my Grand mother died. In my entire life, I can recall meeting this grand mother only twice. Once when I was about 10 years old and the other time when I was 24. She died in her sleep at 97 years old...Unfortunately, I can't make it to her funeral because I just came back from Jamaica....The only things I really knew about her, is her name, she is my grand mother and she was a citizen of Panama but lived in Jamaica for yearssss until her death. It would be good to meet up with my other brothers and sisters at her funeral though.... I don't know if they would be interested in knowing me though, especially since they are like yearsss older than I am.

Wow Vany, thanks for explaining that hokairo thing...And trust me, I had no clue that it was metals inside of them...

Bjourn, I also never knew about that loan and credit card combo with the banks... Do they also do that in the Bahamas?

Indra - メッセージをありがとうございます…私はあなたのブログも調べるつもりです。

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 355 { Heavy Luggage Left In California } Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 355 { Heavy Luggage Left In California }

While on the 11 hours flight to Osaka, Japan... I was reading a book entitled "When God Doesn't Make Sense" ..... Its basically talking about so many things that happen in life that we cannot explain. Even during the bible days ... Example when an evil, corrupt king like Manasseh of Judah (possibly 687 – 642 BC) could live for so long with little or no problems, while Uzziah who was attempting to do good by hold up the ark of the covenant, died because of his disobedience. It spoke of many other instances as well....The book also spoke about how the author`s four (4) close friends died in a PLANE CRASH!!! I was like "Why did I have to read about this while I am in a PLANE"!!!?? .... Ohh Stephen Henry, if you still read my blog, it is your book that I stil have sinse 2006, and I am just reading it.......

The flight went pretty well though with very little turbulence thank God, because I cannot deal with the turbulence business. We landed at about 3:00 pm in the afternoon on Monday. While coming out of the plane, I think I heard my name called over the intercom again.... I was like "oooh boy I hope that wasn't my name, WHAT NOW!!!".... But what are the chances that you find another Dave Collymore going to Japan???? yeah 0%....... I kind of ignored it though, until I went to collect my luggage and only received one...I then heard my name on the intercom again...So I checked with a customs person and they said that one of luggage got left in California.... I explained to them that the flights were way too close so maybe that's why.....,... I then filled out some sort of form to say my luggage got left.... I wasn't worried or anything because that one was too heavy along with the other stuff I had. They said I would get the luggage on Wednesday night... They then took me to the customs area...The Japanese guy asked me only 1 question "Why come Japan"... and I said I am English Teacher.... He didn't even search me...he just said go on.... I then searched for an ATM and a Japanese police just randomly came up to me to ask me for my passport. I showed it to him and he was asking me what schools I taught at in OSAKA... I told him I don't teach in OSAKA but OKAYAMA...He then asked for the names of the schools... I told him them, then he apologised for disrupting me and went away.... Now why did this man choose me out of everyone else...I could make assumptions, but let me not....

Afterward I went to the ATM, then took the airport bus to Umeda - Osaka which took about 1 hour, then another bus from Umeda - Osaka to Niimi, which took about about 3 hours 30 mins
.... My friend then picked me up to take me to my apartment...

So lets trace back my journey:

My house >>> Airport in Jamaica - 45 mins
Jamaica >>>> New York ---------- 3 hrs 30 mins
New York >>>San Francisco, Cali -- 4 hrs 30 mins
San Fran >>>> Osaka airport-------11 hrs
Osaka airport > Umeda-Osaka ----- 1 hr
Umeda-Osaka> Niimi --------------- 3hrs 30 mins
Niimi >>>>>>> My apartment ------ 10 mins

About a full 1 day and 25 mins

Day 354 { Yes I Live In Japan / I Almost Missed My Flight } Sunday, March, 8, 2009

Day 354 { Yes I Live In Japan / I Almost Missed My Flight }

I left out at about 5:30 am with my sister and her friend to go to the airport. I went to the United Airlines counter to get my 2 plane tickets using my printed E-ticket paper thing. My sister gave me another suitcase thing to take to Japan, because I had too many things to take with me... But guess what? Both of them were overweight... They should be 50 pounds each but one was 52 and the other 54... The check on luggage guy gave me a bly with the 52 pounds but he said I need to take some stuff out of the 54 pounds bag... My sister took out the syrup and gave me some more stuff to put in my carry on luggage....The lady who was checking me on to go to California then Japan, took my passport and apparently she didn't believe that I currently reside in Japan... So she started to stare at me with a weird look... Then she asked if I have some sort of card to prove that I actually live in Japan. Luckily, I always travel with my Alien Registration Card in the front of my laptop case so it was there at my finger tips. I gave it to her and she was still looking bewildered for some unknown reason... she then asked me if I knew the language and I told her yes.... She then gave me one of those hypocritical smiles and told me to have a good flight... It is the first time someone has actually asked me for this card since I got it... I asked my sister why did the lady need proof, when the Japanese visa was already in my passport... My sister then said its apparently because I am black.

I then took the 4 hr and 30 mins flight to San Francisco. At San Francisco, I needed to catch the other plane to go to Japan. However, The ticket from San Francisco to Japan did not have on the terminal number that I should go through... The worst thing is that I had only 30 minutes to find that out and rush on the plane.... I asked a guy and he said I should head for gate 100 and that I should really hurry.... I walked and walked, looking for gate 100 but it was no where to be found. I started to ask questions and the people kept telling me that I am heading in the right direction so I should continue walking.... Then I suddenly had only 5 minutes to get on the plane... I heard someone mentioned over the intercom that it was the final boarding call for a lady who should be on my flight (UA 885) ... I started to rush with my heavy hand luggage and an Asian lady met me and asked if I am to go on flight UA 885. I told her yes and she made a call on a telephone and gave them my name... I asked her where the heck is gate 100, and she said its down stairs and I should hurry. I rushed down stairs and saw gates 102 and 101.... Where in the world is gate 100??? I went over to a lady at gate 102 which was taking on some passengers, but that flight was heading for China... I asked the lady where is gate 100 and she said she dont know but maybe its UPSTAIRS ????? Yes Upstairs where I just came from where the asian lady told me its down stairs...... Right there in my panicky state, I heard over the intercom "FINAL BOARDING CALL FOR DAVE COLLYMORE".... I then whispered a prayer while I was sinking deeper and deeper into despair....At this point, all sort of things started rushing through my mind....stuff like, I am going to lose my job, I am going to be broke, I dont know what to do when I head back to Jamaica, how am I going to get back the stuff I left in Japan etc etc etc.... Then I turned and look behind me....... and there was gate 100.... I rushed to give the lady my ticket... Then rushed on the plane. While I was searching for my seat, a Japanese lady asked me if I wanted to change my seat... I told her no and I am ok....she then asked the man who was seated 1 seat away from me if he wanted to change his seat...and he concented... This was also the first time someone was asking me if I wanted to change my seat...I dont know why she asked. I basically spent the entire Sunday on the plane...It took 11 hours from California to Osaka... Iread a book to occupy my time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 353 { Back To Jamaica 11 / Shopping In Brooklyn New York / Daylight Savings Time} Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 353 { Back To Jamaica 11 / Shopping In Brooklyn New York / Daylight Savings Time }

Me, my sister and her friend who we stayed with in New York, went on the road to do some shopping in Brooklyn and at a mall known as the Green Acres Mall. I got a bunch of long sleeve shirts with tie, and a whole lot of other stuff for very very cheap. I don't know how I am going to fit all these things in the suit cases. Walking around in Brooklyn and checking out the stores, it felt like Jamaica because there are Jamaicans everywhere. Almost every single person you heard speaking, was a Jamaican, the only difference is that the place was very cold. We were out for a good portion of the day, and I was supposed to meet up with my friend Gregory in Brooklyn. He was actually at the funeral but left back for Brooklyn the following Monday. He said he would be coming from Long Island which was about 20 mins away from where I was staying. Me, my sister and her friend, got some food at Green Acres mall in the evening, then we went back to the house.

My friend then picked me up at about 11:30 pm in the night and we stopped by his sister's place in Queens. I haven't seen his sister and nephew in like 10 years. At his sister's house, they told me that at 2:00 am on sunday morning, the daylight savings time thing is going to take effect and so 2:00am will change to 3:00 am.... Which means my flight time is closer than I realized... I then called the airport to query the time difference and what effect it will have on my flight... The guy said the flight will be at 7 am Sunday morning no matter what happens. Gregory then dropped me by his girlfriend's apartment in Long Island, in the weee hours of the morning at about 1 am.... I spoke with her briefly and found out that she was also an anime junky like myself... Gregory then dropped me back to my sister friend's place at about 3:30 am with the new time change thing. Why did this Daylight savings thing have to happen on the day when I have a flight??? I didnt even sleep, I went straight into the bathroom for a shower and di my final sorting out of luggage etc.

Day 352 { Back To Jamaica 10 / Leaving Jamaica For New York } Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 352 { Back To Jamaica 10 / Leaving Jamaica For New York }

I had a 6:30 pm flight today, so I stayed and chatted with my mom for the day... And guess what??? I finally got the internet in my house since asking for it from last week Friday. I thought that with the global recession, and how things are rough on the companies now, they would at least give me the internet a little quicker. I finally got it the day when I am going to leave... I guess that's the reason why people call the company sour LIME (Land line, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment) . My supervisor from my last job in Jamaica, visited me and we spoke for a little while. She said she is on vacation leave but things have gotten a little more hectic at my last job.

My cousin then came for me and my sister to take us to the airport. I kissed my mom goodbye and this time she wasn't crying which I am happy about. At the airport, I bought some food from a Jamaican fast food chain called Island Grill... I got Jerk chicken and festival (a Jamaican food made from flour, and some other stuff). I noticed that inside the airport had a better look... It looked a little more like the airports in the US, but a whole lot smaller. We took the 3 hour flight to New York and one of my sister's friends came to pick us up. We got out of the customs area at the John F. Kennedy airport at about 10:30 pm.

Day 351 { Back To Jamaica 9 / Meet With Pastor / Buying Jamaican Stuff/Meet More Friends } Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 351 { Back To Jamaica 9 / Meet With Pastor / Buying Jamaican Stuff/Meet More Friends }

I went to mall in my community again. This time to meet my pastor in KFC. We chatted for a while and as many people has been asking, he too joined the lot to ask when am I coming back to Jamaica to re-settle....That question is difficult to answer in this current Global recession. The only way I would go back to Jamaica and re-settle now is if there is a job there waiting on me or if something else happen that require me to go ad re-settle. Otherwise, I think Japan is the best option at the moment. I was telling him a bunch of stuff about my experience in Japan, the good the bad and the ugly. I gave him a kaido (a sticky package thing when rubbed together, makes heat) and he was having difficulty understanding how it actually made the heat... Well I don't know how it makes the heat either, it just does.

After we chatted for a while, I went to the supermarket to buy some Jamaican stuff. Stuff like bun, bread, biscuits, banana chips, plantain chips, supligen (a milk based energy drink like ensure in the US) etc etc... That is either too expensive in Japan or extremely difficult to access, where i am in Japan. I was supposed to meet another friend but my schedule was too tight so I had to cancel that meeting. So I picked up my sister at the mall then went home to start packing. After packing, I drove to a community known a Cherry Gardens to meet up with some other friends. The directions that my friend Donna gave me, was a little off, so I ended up making a wrong turn... I then had to call someone who lived at the house where I was going, for them to give me directions. I eventually found the house then a couple of my friends started to trickle in... A couple of us met up, ate, chatted and played games like TABOO and GUSSTURES... Ohh it was so much fun... Ahhh I miss this kind of thing really... But if I come back to Jamaica, everyday won't be like this I guarantee...

Richard, a whole heap a time pon John's Road di man dem block it and a ask fi money. Bout rumours...hiss teet